How To Hook Up: A Game Plan For 2016


It’s going to be a brand new year and if you don’t have a game plan in place then you’re not going to win. Before the new year starts, I’m going to give some basic things you must know. I’ll teach you how to hook up in the new year!

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Want To Learn How To Hook Up In 2016? Do All This!

Be Confident
If you want to be successful in 2016, you’ve got to be confident for an entire year. Confidence does wonders for your ego and being confident can really boost your success when it comes to hooking up with others. No one wants to date someone that has no confidence. It’s like dating a high school wimp. They never get laid.

Make Time
Want to hook up more in 2016? Make time to do it and you will. It’s no different than getting in shape. If you’re not making time to work out then you’ll never get a six pack. Same goes for hooking up with someone regularly. If you want to hook up you must make time for it!

Look Good
Do yourself a favor and start dressing for success. Make an honest effort to look great, not just good. People that look good on paper and in person normally have high success rates. I always do my best to look good and most of the time when I meet someone, if they are single, I fuck them. Make an effort.

Enjoy Life
This is an important part of your game plan for 2016, you must enjoy life to the fullest this year! Last year I made an effort and promised myself I would enjoy 2015 to the fullest extent possible. It changed my life and I hooked up with more people doing so.

Communicate Better
Communication is key in anything. Especially if you want to hook up with more people in the new year. Communicating better should be a part of your game plan in 2016. That means responding to people that message you through any dating app. It means texting people back and calling others when you promise to do so. Be responsive and reliable and you’ll get fucked more. By “get fucked” more I mean that you’ll have more opportunities to get watch Netflix and chill with some a booty call!

Talk To Strangers
I know, we’ve always been taught to never talk to strangers. However, if you’re trying to hook up with more people, you need to talk to as many people as possible. I don’t care if you’re outside at Starbucks, online using a social dating site or if you are at a friends cookout. Talk to people. If you want to hook up you need to do it!

That sums up the key components that should be part of your “how to hook up” game plan for the new year.

Adult Dating Rules To Always Abide By


So you want to join an adult dating site? Great! But did you know that there are rules that you must abide by if you want to have a successful run at it. Don’t worry, I’m going to share the details of each of these adult dating rules that you must become familiar with!

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Adult Dating Rules That You Must Know

Here’s a list of the top 6 adult dating rules for success. Don’t take them lightly and don’t pretend they don’t exist. They do and abiding by them will get you laid quicker. These rules are by no means in any order of importance. They are all equally important!

Go Solo
The first rule on the list is to go solo. That means, if you’re going on an adult date or any type of casual meetup with a potential partner, under no circumstances should you ever bring a friend. Leave your wing at home. It’s okay to have them on call if neceassary but that’s it. Unless you’re looking for a threesome, don’t do it.

Be Passioniate
You must be passionate and sexual if you want to have a successful date. I’m not telling you to whip it out or tell someone you want to cum inside them, lol. That’s a bit forceful. Just be loose and passionate. Do sexual things that remind someone of sex or may put them in the mood during your adult dating adventure.

Don’t Rush It
If you want to get laid, by gosh do not rush it. Don’t hurry through dinner just in hopes of ending up in the bedroom. It’s a surefire way to go home alone. Instead, take your time and extend the date. Make it lenghty and keep things sexual. Order dessert to share. But a wam, bam, thank you ma’am isn’t going to happen if you rush things.

Focus on a Few Dating Sites (Maximum)
This one is really important, if you’re looking to join one of the many adult dating sites on the Internet, I’d suggest you put time and effort into only a few sites at best. Why am I telling you this? Well, because you need to work at it if you want to become successful at dating online. That said, choose one or two sites and join them. I recommend you join this site if you want a good adult dating success rate (if you want to get laid a lot).

Avoid Blind Dates
Another important adult dating rule to abide by is to not go on any blind dates, especially if you want to successfully date casually. Going on blind dates can back fire and gossip can often result. Avoid having to deal with all the nonsense by simply not going on blind dates.

Don’t Get Too Wasted
Last bt not least, it’s best practice not to get too wasted if you want to bang someone. Drinking too much can lead to a lower chance of getting laid. I know it sounds strange but it’s really that common for two extremely wasted people to fuck. It happens but it’s more common for it to happen when two people have only had a few drinks versus a dozen where they can’t even stand up straight. Trust me on that!

Well, those are the adult dating rules and you better obey them if you want to have a successful run at this game!

Friends Cast Members Monica and Chandler Dating?


We all used to watch Friends right? Of course, we did. When you think about it, we probably have spent hundreds of hours with the Friends cast over the years and now we have something else to talk about on a couple of the cast of Friends, Monica, and Chandler Bing.

friends cast

Photo Credit: Getty (Monica and Chandler from Friends)

Are These Friends Cast Members Now Fuck Friends?

I normally don’t write about TV show cast members, but in this case, I have to do so because I was such a huge fan or these two Friends stars, Monica and Chandler. There’s talk about them both being close, actually so close that they may even be hooking up with each other. The original source stated that Courteney Cox and Mattew Perry were in a casual relationship after Ms. Cox’s recent break-up.

However, if you’ve been waiting for this to happen, you’re likely going to have to wait a bit more. Recent sources at ETOnline have shared that these rumors are in fact just that. They are rumors, period! Although we’d all love to see these two get together, we’re not going to see it happen just yet. I personally love having friends with benefits that I can have sex with. That’s basically what I consider all my fuck book friends to be. I’m not ever going to date them long-term, just have sex and probably call for a hook up from time to time. I’d encourage you to do the same using my favorite hookup site, if you want to live a better life. Here’s why, there are thousands of single individuals looking to have sex with someone new. You’re that new person that they are looking to connect with

What You’ll Learn When Dating Online


Online Dating is one of those activities that no longer causes accusations about individuals. No longer are the silly thoughts of weirdos spending all their time logged on some dating site. Instead, the weirdos are those that have decided to not partake in the fun fuck-filled activities! There are a few other things that we’ve recently learned with all of this online dating too. That is, other than the fact that we love to have flings with random people we meet online.

Things We Learned Dating Online

Things We Learned Dating Online

Photos and Looks Are Deceiving AF

We all love browsing through those crazy profile photos. Sure you’ve come across some smoking hot girls that you want to fuck. We all have. The thing is, some of these photos are deceiving as fuck! Now, the other side to that coin is that some people just don’t photograph well at all. They try like hell to put themselves in an incredible photo to peak your interest and it just doesn’t cut it. However, you give it a shot and find out how damn hot they really are. The point is this, photos and looks can be deceiving for sure!

Liars Do Exist Out There

I’m going to be brutally honest and share something with you, you’ve dated a liar or two. Yes, I’m being dead serious. There are liars all over this world and most lie about insanely stupid stuff. No, she doesn’t have a puppy or a vacation home in Hawaii. She’s never done this before either. Point is, recognize that not everyone is honest and don’t let that stop you from getting laid.

You’re Not Getting Explanations You Want

If you’re expecting to get some super clear and forthcoming explanation, you should probably start thinking again because there’s a good chance you’re definitely not getting that! Explanations shouldn’t be expected and if you get one then just accept it and move on with your life. There are plenty of people to meet online to have sex with. Click here and I’ll show you how to meet them.

Rejection Is Inevitable

If you’re dating someone you meet online, you’re going to have to be able to take rejection. It’s just comes with the territory. Yes, you can increase your chances of not getting rejected, but that’s not going to be 100% possible to avoid.

You’re Going To See Tits, Ass, and More

If you’re not ready to be exposed to then you shouldn’t be dating online. I’ve seen more ass than a toilet seat and most of it is all of people, I’ve actually met on the Fuckbook network and had sex with once or twice. Be prepared to see it all.

That about sums up the things that we’ve learned from dating online over the last couple of years and what you can expect to learn should you just be getting started. It should come as no surprise that we are only going to continue to learn and load up on booty calls for the years to come!

Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller Are Not Dating


I’m a huge Ben Affleck fan and I’ve been following his career for years. I wanted to join the ranks of others that are pro-Ben and help him set the media straight with all these dating rumors. For starters, he is not dating Sienna Miller! I’ll go much further into this, just keep reading.

ben affleck dating

Credit: Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller Filming.

Media Companies, Leave Affleck Alone!

Many of you probably know that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner recently split after rumor of Ben hooking up with their nanny. None of this was ever confirmed to be 100% true. The only thing that was released and confirmed is the fact that “Bennifer” is officially over and according to my source, there are many dating rumors that are just that…rumors and they need to be addressed.

I’m not here to sound like a gossiping little high school girl, I’m just sick and tired of people throwing Ben Affleck under the bus for splitting up with Jennifer Garner. As for the rumors and speculation of him dating Sienna Miller, it’s not true. Nor are the rumors that he’s dating Kate Beckinsale or most recently, the rumor about him hooking up with Halle Berry. The truth be told is that Garner and Affleck are planning on spending the holidays together with their kids and that’s the focus.

Now, as for Ben him actually having the skills to find women to bang, I’m sure that he has no problem! Linings up a booty call to get laid is literally the least of his worries I bet. However, If I were him, I’d just spend my time going on fuck book dates to skip all the bullshit and just hook up. That’s definitely what any typical Bostonian would and should do, because they’re wicked smart and know how to get things done!