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Today, it’s far more common for people to search for someone to have fun with over a short period of time versus those looking for a long term relationship. To put things simply, people just want to fuck today. They don’t want any headaches. They don’t want significant others. In fact, the majority of people in society today want sex and nothing more, at least based on what my research shows. Actually, that’s a lie, it’s not just based on my research, but my personal wants and needs as well. After scouring the Internet for the best casual sex site out there, I’ve finally found one and it’s called Fuckbook.

However, I didn’t always think like this. It took some serious research before I confidently stopped asking myself, Is fuckbook legit and does it work? The outcome may or may not surprise you. Since I was so intrigued with this particular fuckbook site, I used it for literally six months every single day. It’s safe to say that I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into my online dating experience and have rightfully decided to put forth just as much effort in writing this fuckbook review for you.

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Before I get deeper into things, let me introduce myself. I’m Doug J, a 27-year-old guy that spends most of his time working and using dating sites to meet local girls. If you want, you can find out more about me here. For now, I’m planning on really going full force here by sharing all the ups and downs I’ve experienced after reading fuckbook reviews myself and finally joining.

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First off, I spent about a week trying to find the real fuck book because there are so many dating sites with similar domain names. Once I accomplished the task of finding this diamond in the rough, I immediately joined. To my surprise, the women on the site were absolutely stunning and were there for the same exact reason I was, to have sex. I told a few friends about the site and they didn’t believe me. In fact, some thought I was downright crazy to try it out. I actually couldn’t believe the number of people that had asked me, “Is fuckbook real? Can you get laid?” The answer is a big bold YES and YES! But don’t take my word for it just yet. Read my official review of Fuck Book below.

Long story short, I get laid using this site. Of course, I have to weed through a lot of the bullshit that goes along with using any online dating site and yes there are a lot of REAL HORNY WOMEN.

Joining and Obtaining a Fuckbook Login

Becoming a member was really quite simple. I recall the entire process taking a matter of minutes to complete. To prove how easy this process was, I’ve laid out each step you need to take below. After going through the motions to verify my account, I was no sooner entrenched deep into a fuckbook search for a local girl. I was a bit sketched out at first but as soon as I got over that  fear, I was finding women left and right that I’d definitely be willing to hook up with. Some of the women I did have sex with were noticeably active on the site since the day I joined. That’s always a good sign when joining a site.

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Like I said, the join process was relatively simple. Here’s a rundown of the entire process from start to finish.

  1. I entered my email address (one I use daily) and clicked continue. fuckbook signup step 1
  2. I then created a very basic dating profile headliner shown below. I was supposed to use a minimum of 3 words but opted for 6 instead. I also wrote a nice quick bio about myself. Nothing to in-depth at all. Just something that says, I’m looking to hook up.fuckbook signup step 2
  3. The next step was to head over to my email address and verify my account. This was one of the most important steps I took because it triggered the activation of my account.fuckbook signup step 3
  4. I was redirected to the members area of the fuck book site and was prompted to fill out a basic dating profile.fuckbook signup step 4
  5. Soon as I finished filling out the profile info in 2-page process, I was then shown a page of women in my local area. What I really liked was that the members that I initially came across were new members. This was important to me for two reasons. One, I recognized that a lot of new members joined the site just like me. Two, if women were signing up, then they wanted to achieve the same goal as me most likely.fuckbook signup step 5
  6. The final step I took was to upgrade my membership status. I actually did this the same day I joined. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. I went for the full month option (I go big or go home).fuckbook upgrade
  7. Last but not least, I entered all my payment information in order to complete the process. Here’s what the page will look like when you try and upgrade. Don’t worry, your credit card statement won’t say anything that will put you at risk of getting caught joining this site. It will instead, show up on your credit card statement as, Kamparri Tra. It’s really simple as that.Fuckbooks Payment

My Profile

I stressed that the process of setting up your profile was easy and it is. But I don’t think that’s enough for me to share and leave it at that. Instead, here’s exactly what I did to enhance my profile. I knew that if I didn’t put forth effort to really stick out against the millions of individuals that have also joined, I wouldn’t be as successful. So, instead of just uploading a shitty photo of me dressed like a geek, I opted to create the most daring and unpredictable profile photo possible. I made sure I was clean shaved and looking better than ever. I also made sure I was well-dressed and then I tried to portray myself as being somewhat of a bad ass. Nothing too crazy, but nothing boring. I figured, most women were probably getting bored with seeing half-ass profile pics. I went the extra mile and it proved to be worth it. That was just the beginning though.

Connecting with Members

I legit wasted no time at all with trying to connect with women within a 15-mile radius of my house. However, I went at with a plan. Taking care to document the process and adjust my approach if necessary. It was a fool proof plan that I knew at one point or another would pay off. So, I started messaging local women and before I knew it, I was getting messages and was setting up dates.

Speaking of dates, I figured it was only right for me to provide some indication of the type of women that are on the site. Here’s just one example of how hot these girls really are on the site. There are college girls, milfs and even couples looking to swing. I choose to only use this as an example, but you’ll get the idea.

fuckbook members

Girls at Fuckbook are just as hot as this girl! This is just an example. Disclaimer: I’m not stating that she is or isn’t a member.


fuckbook milf

There are a lot of hot milfs on Fuckbook. Even hotter than the one in the pic above. Disclaimer: I’m not stating that she is or is not a member of the site.

The Approach Formula

This is the approach that brought me the most success when trying to connect with some sex dates. First, I sent a poke or compliment to the girl and I left it at that. I waited to receive a response from her and then moved forward with the discussion. In the event that I did not hear back, I didn’t pursue any further. After all, I didn’t want to look like a loser or desperate guy. My philosophy was if I wanted to spend too much time on the chase, I wouldn’t have joined an adult dating site like fuckbook.

aint nobody got time for that!

When I did hear back, I then asked her out for drinks and even a nice dinner if she was really hot. After inquiring about the dinner and drinks, I send another compliment over to her. The meet up occurred and it was all on me from there on out. If I played my cards right, I got laid. If I didn’t, then I didn’t get laid. The important thing to note is that I got laid more often than not with this approach.

The Benefits

There are quite a few benefits of using Fuckbook.net. I’ll stick to the core though here. Ease of use is and reliability is flawless. The number of female users in my area was far more than I needed. The price is reasonable as well. Oh, I think it’s worth mentioning that the site support is pretty top notch.

The Cons

The only negative thing I have to say about the site is that I did receive some messages that were a bit suspect. However, I know how to handle that given that I’ve done this casual sex dating dance before.

Fuck Book Conclusion

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here. Plain and simple, Fuckbook is awesome. It gets me laid and it’s affordable. I can’t really say anything negative about the site because it’s become my 2015 “go to” website for getting laid. I like women that want to bang and that’s all I’ve been looking for. It’s been a success and you’ll have the same results I bet. And to be quite honest, I have no time for a long term relationship.

I get a lot of questions these days since creating this site. The list is pretty extensive to be honest. Ive narrowed that down and have decided to share the most frequently asked questions that we’re being

Is Fuckbook A Scam?

I get this question all the damn time. It makes me laugh more and more each time I hear it. That’s because I end up getting laid so much though I think. This is the original fuckbook and the company is ridiculously successful. If you think this website is a scam, then you need to get your head examined  because you’re crazy. Most of the people that have claimed this probably put forth minimum effort in getting lucky. They’re profile is likely incomplete and zero effort was put forth using the site. One thing you need to remember is, any online dating site needs to be worked if you want to get lucky. It’s a tool to help you get some and should be looked as such.

I’m sure you want me to show you images of the girls I hooked up with on the site. Well, if I do that and the girls see their pics, there’s a good chance my chances of getting laid by her are gone. I don’t want that to happen so I’ve decided to refrain from doing so.

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