About Me

My name is Doug J and I’m an avid user of the infamous Fuckbook. I’m not going to be sharing my full name, street address or location for fear of being exposed on the site. I’d prefer to keep hooking up on Fuckbook versus being ousted and let in the dust. I’m not even posting a profile photo of myself because of this. I learned one thing when I joined this adult dating site and that is the high value placed on trust and anonymity. Discretion and privacy are both valued in this space and just as much as I value my own privacy and discretion, I also value those of who I hook up with.

So, sorry to burst your bubble but you’re not going to see my full face anytime soon. The only place your going to see my face is between a new girls legs while I go down on her! I will give you a glimpse though, LOL.

about me

Me disguised at catman!

Okay, if you’re over that, here’s some more of a back story on who I am and what I do….

I’m a pretty average 27-year-old guy that likes drinking, playing sports and dabbling in some Fan Duel action from time to time. I’m not a high powered earner with a fat wallet and huge dick (although I think to think and act like it sometimes). I’m just an ordinary average joe living in Houston, TX. I work for a local company in the area and have done so ever since I graduated from college.

I got tired of using the boring matchmaking sites that never got me laid so I turned to trying to hire Houston escorts. I quickly decided to bock at that idea (which I’m extremely happy about) and no sooner decided to join a dating site that catered to adults looking for sex. That’s where it all started!

So, back to me…I’m an average guy in his late 20’s that likes to meet both college girls and milfs. It really depends what mood I’m in. I do not discriminate against any women regardless of race. In fact, I’ve fucked White, Black, Asian and Latin women. My sex drive knows no boundaries. I found myself one day in a state of disarray. I wanted more action but was sick of paying top dollar for it or wasting my money and time in a bar. I instead turned to fuckbook, which I now often refer to as the Facebook of Sex and I got to business. The rest is really history!

Feel free to send me any questions you might have.

Good luck and go get ’em!

-Doug J.

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