5 Reasons Why I Love Sexting Girls


I’ve basically told you why I love just about everything there is that has to do with dating girls online. Having spent thousands of hours meeting girls on fuckbook, I’ve learned what to do on my downtime to increase my chances of getting laid and have some fun as well. The answer is simple: sexting girls 24/7!

I absolutely love sexting girls and I’m going to give you a few solid reasons that’ll make you want to start sending some sext messages yourself. I’ve already given you a bunch of reasons to join a dating site and if you took my advice, you’ll have more girls to sext with!

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Main Reasons I Love Sexting With Local Horny Girls

Here are a few of the main reasons why I truly enjoy sending sext messages to girls throughout the day and into the early morning hours.

It Turns Them On
For starters, girls love sexting. They love getting a sexy message that talks about how badly you want to fuck them or make them cum. Sure, some girls are prudes and won’t like any of that but most of them are pretty damn into it and they get turned on by it. When a girl that I’m chatting with gets turned on, I get turned on!

I Get More Naked Pics
The conversation starts with a little harmless sext messaging but that’s just the beginning. Sooner or later, things begin to escalate and that’s when the nude pics start lighting up my phone. Sometimes I get so many girls sending naked selfies that I have to turn my phone off in public. I shit you not!

Stress Releaser
A harmless game of “sext” is a big stress reliever for me. When I’m talking to a hot girl via smartphone, I end up feeling so relaxed it’s insane. Stress is a killer and if you want to fuck more girls in your lifetime then you need to stay stress-free.

It Often Leads To Hot Videos
Once in a while, girls will decide that they want to send more than just a pic. They are more into the snapchat craze and that leads to video chat! Real time videos are the shit and the conversations can sometimes last for hours!

Ultimately Leads To Hooking Up
This one takes the cake, my friends. Sexting can and most of the time will lead to hooking up. If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that 90% of the conversations that I’ve had end with me in bed sticking my dick in some hot slut. No holds barred right there for ya! As an added bonus I’m going to help you out here. If you want to up your chances of getting laid from sexting, read girls bios and look for locals that are into sls¬†swingers¬†because they are likely more open minded than others.

That right there is enough to make you want to start sending dirty sex texts to any girl that you can. In fact, I’m going to go send some now and you should do the same.