LiveFlings Hookup Site Review Reveals Credit Card Scam


I’ve been waiting all week to share this LiveFlings review with you. Not because I’m super excited to do so but because I know you’ll appreciate me taking the time to do so. Let me paint a picture for you…

You’re surfing the internet and come across a VERY hot woman. You think to yourself, “Damn, how do I meet her?” It’s easy. Open a site called Oh, she’s there. So you think. You type in the web address and there she is. Is she real? Yeah, she’s definitely real. But, is she a part of this Well, I guess you’ll have to keep reading my review to get the scoop on this website. homepage

My LiveFlings Review – Everything Laid Out Right Here, Right Now!

Okay, so back to what I was saying. Ask yourself the question, “Is she really a member of the LiveFlings network?”

Not even a little bit.

The profile is fake, and who knows where the picture came from, but be assured she’s not a part of this site. produces fake profiles to hook you in. Who isn’t drawn in by a woman who looks like that? What you do from here is on you.

Fake Profiles aka Online Cupids admittedly uses fake profiles called Online Cupids to hook you into the site. This woman is not available, she’s not on this site. None of the profiles are. Online Cupids are used all over the internet on fake dating sites like The Live Flings site is part of a network that uses these fake profiles and once they hook you in, you’re on a dark path.

If you try to contact other users through this site, such as the lovely lady that hooked you in in the first place, you are now placed in the network and your profile and information are spreading all over.


Your initial communication to anyone on is not private, the minute you start communicating, you are “in” and there’s nothing you can do to stop the information from flying.

Terms Reveal All

There is information about Online Cupids on the site, but if you don’t bother to read it, that’s on you. The site does clearly state that by communicating with any of the Online Cupids, you are opening yourself up to whoever decides to share your information with. It’s a chain of events and you just gave them the key to that lock.

Billing Issues Guaranteed

If, additionally, you use a credit card on and there is a billing problem, there is nothing you can do to fix it. It doesn’t make a bit of difference if the mistake was the site’s error, you are responsible. The site does NOT give refunds and you may as well kiss your money goodbye because you’re never going to see it again.

Kiss Your Rights Goodbye

As if all of this isn’t enough, by communicating with anyone on, you have now not only given up all of your privacy rights to this and other third-party sites associated with it, but you will be subjected to random chat messages and text flirts from people who ARE NOT REAL. Online Cupids, remember?

Look, if you’re looking for real girls that will simply show you a good time, then hit one of the strip clubs in Dallas if you’re from Texas. That’ll hold you over for now. Whatever you do, don’t start using shady ass escort sites like and Promise me you won’t do that!

Agreements Can Change At Any Time

The last bit of bad news regarding is that they may change your original agreement with them. Companies do that. But, they will not notify you, in any manner, to let you know the agreement has changed. It is YOUR responsibility to check on the site regularly to be sure no changes were made to your agreement.

Are you going to remember to do that? You’d have to pretty much go on daily to find out. You are now subjected to potential charges you didn’t think you authorized.

Conclusion: Is Nothing But Fake

Do yourself a favor and move on from this fictitious and fake site. Move on to legit sites listed in our guide. The Online Cupids may look appealing and may look like your dream girl, but they are nothing but trouble. tells you, flat out, Online Cupids are NOT real.

Don’t fall for a pretty face and a smokin’ hot body. In this case, you’re only going to get burned. My advice would be to use the traditional fuckbook site (read my review here) and you won’t have to deal with any headaches like this.

My Review After Using It In Dallas, Tx


I recently took a stab at using The TNA Board and it turned out to be a huge waste of time. Now I’m here sharing my thoughts on a site called ECCIE. I honestly have no idea why it’s been named that but I can tell you that you’ll want to read this before attempting to use the site. I ended up trying to use the local Dallas site after spending time at The Lodge, a local strip club. What a mistake that was…

First off, there are plenty of reasons I wouldn’t condone using pay-for-play sex sites or those companies that would illegally market sex for money. As per my previous reviews, I do not support these types of sites all. Unfortunately, with I’ve found yet another one of these illegal companies that offer far more than they should be. If you’ve ever used an escort forum, after reading on below I’m almost certain that you won’t again.

Eccie Review

Clearing The Haze Surrounding

I was honestly a little unsure of where to begin, as we encountered so many distinct issues on that this article could’ve been twice as long. But, while there are a lot of failures in the way this site operates, I should first talk about how Eccie functions.

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Zero Technical Development crashes constantly. We’re talking almost every time you log into their site, it crashes. Site outages seem to be the norm, and when we tried to access the FAQ to see what had occurred, we were redirected to a different dating site.

So finally, I gave up and attempted to look at the so-called fine print regarding It turns out that the link for this leads nowhere. The page doesn’t even exist. For us, this produced instant red flags before we could even really start looking through profiles. This pushes us onto our next topic.

There’s Hardly Anyone Here

When I initially started browsing profiles, said that there were 490,000 member profiles in total with about 100,000 of these currently online. While this isn’t the most significant number in the world, it should’ve been at least high enough for me to find someone to chat with.

Entirely the opposite occurred though, as I hardly saw anyone respond to our messages. Even days later as I write this, we have received zero new replies. What this tells me is that most or all of these profiles are fake.

Pop-Ups Galore

Regardless of whether or not you’re using an adblocker or other software, will still throw ads your way at any available opportunity. Most of the toolbar links redirect you to other sites while opening up several new spam windows. If you do somehow decide you’d like to use, make sure you update your malware detection and don’t click on anything. Honestly, you’ll have better luck avoiding these links altogether.

A Meaningless Membership has a “premium” membership that they offer for $59/year. Frankly, by the point I’d even discovered that this was an option, I decided not to sample the upgraded membership options. Not only does the idea of giving these people credit card information worry me, but without going very far onto their page our computers were already littered with spyware. If you value any of your personal information, maybe stick to the free options.

What We Think

Safety should be your primary concern when trying to meet other singles online, and doesn’t do anything to protect your information. They connect individuals to shady, illicit individuals who are usually just trying to get some or all of your money. If you’re that focused on trying to meet folks through forums, make sure you do your homework and at least find a company more reputable than

If you’re smart, you’ll stick with a pay site that allows you to meet people for sex without paying money. My favorite network provides a place to do all that. Check it out right here.

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Review of TNA Board: It’s NOT A Legit Forum To Find Escorts


The TNA Board says that their name stands for “Truth in Advertising,” but I struggled to find any truth here. If you have never heard of the TNA Board, it’s supposed to be an online forum where you can find girls in your local area, whether they be girls who want to meet and fuck or girls that are escorts. They post reviews of all the local girls, and it is supposed to assist you in finding the best ones. They refer to these girls as “providers” but what they don’t say is that they provide sex services. If you are in the market to pay for sex, you want a site that is 100% safe and there is no room for a fraud. With Backpage and Craigslist Personals shutdown.

I have navigated a lot of boards like this and I was able to spot all the reasons why the TNA Board is not legit, and why it’s not a safe site to navigate. Many reasons can be found in their terms. I have all the detailed reasons listed for you below.

TNA Board screenshot

Why TNA Board is Not a Legit Platform

If you are experienced with sites like this, you will be able to spot the red flags as you navigate it. There were quite a few on this one. I’ll start with what I found in their fine print.

One of the most important things I found in their terms and conditions is that they admit that they do not have control over any of the ads or links on the page. They basically admit that you aren’t protected, and they don’t stand behind what they post. They try to use clever wording to hide the fact that there is no telling what you are clicking on when you use this board. Any legit board or forum of this kind will have many security parameters in place and they make it a point to assure you that you are protected. There is no such protection here, and they admit it.

Another bit of information hidden in the terms is that they have the right to terminate your membership and they are not obligated to return the money that you have spent. No matter how much you complain to customer service, you will not be refunded because they outline it in their terms.

As I got to the end of their terms, I noticed something that is likely to turn you off about this site. Every post that you make is saved and it is never deleted. They reserve the right to keep all information that you enter the site and use it however they like.

You can never trust the TNA Board to have real girls because there is no verification process or anything that proves that any of the girls are genuine. The information that is provided is generic information that can easily be faked. Most of the girls I found on TNA had very little information filled in and nothing to show that they were real or had a personality. If you have ever been to a real site of this kind, you know that the girls each have their own distinctive personality that often comes out in their profile. Not here.

Forget about personality. Don’t you want more info about a girl, so you can find out where she has been? You could go to all the trouble of contacting a girl and setting up a meeting and you could find out that she has an STD. None of the information is available here and I would think that this would be one of the main concerns of a site like this, but they don’t’ seem to care at all.

If I’m being honest, the main reason to avoid using TNA Board to pay for sex is that it’s against the law to pay for sex. If you really had your heart set on it, wouldn’t you go to a site that had a large selection of girls to choose from? When I was trying out TNA, there were never over 1,500 users online at any given time. This site is supposed to be national, heck even international, so that’s not a very large number at all. There are far too many other platforms where you can find things like this and you probably don’t want one that has a small selection and no security.

If you want to test out the site for yourself, just open the main page and click on any of the links. Many of them redirect you to other sites or are just pop up ads. If it’s not an ad, you are prompted to purchase a premium membership. I am not sure why anyone would want to purchase a premium membership to a site with so many flaws and with so few users.

Conclusion: Do NOT Use The TNABoard

As you can see by my review, I found TNA Board to be a huge waste of time and a site that is not safe enough to experiment on. It also doesn’t have enough of a selection to bother with it. If you do find a real escort on here, there is no telling what kind of mess you are going to get into. Why risk breaking the law on a site that is so shady?

If you want to get laid, just use a network like this one here.

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Craigslist Dallas Personals – My Horror Story Using The W4M Section


I’ve been living in Texas for a long time now, primarily Houston but I like to party in Dallas. Most of the time I’ll head up that way since it only takes about 3.5 hours to get there. I’ve actually flown a couple of times but the drive isn’t that bad. Anyway, last time I went I ended up using the Craigslist Personals section seeking out a woman to connect with on one of the nights. I’m going to share the full story with you right here.

What happened is something I’ll never forget – EVER.

It was an absolute nightmare. In fact, this particular trip cost me more in time, headache, aggravation, and money than all of them combined. Without wasting any further time, I’ll share just to get things started here. Pay close attention to what I’m about to share because it may just save you the trouble of wasting your time and money.

craigslist personals casual encounters

My Experience Using The Personals Section Of Craigslist In Dallas

How I Got The Idea

I’m typically not one to use these personals sections that are free. They are a cesspool of scammers, drifters, drug addicts, and scumbags. Sure enough, something sparked a thought in my head to check out the site. Perhaps it was the local tabloids mag I picked up in the lobby of my hotel. I found myself flipping through the back section looking for the girls giving oriental massages and what not. That subconsciously must have triggered the idea to check Craigslist. I’m not sure why it didn’t trigger me to think about hitting the local strip clubs but who knows really. Instead, it made me think of Craigslist, so guess what..

I did just that.

The “Seeking” Section

Soon enough I found myself accepting the terms and deep within the trenches of the W4M section. If you’re not familiar with this section, it’s where all the women post their personal ads describing themselves and what they have to offer.

Most of the ads were pretty boring but a couple of them stood out so I went for it. After sending roughly a half dozen messages to girls looking to meet men, I no sooner saw a couple of messages in my inbox.

I got really friendly with this one girl and we exchanged photos with one another. She described herself as being a “people pleaser” that likes to play the “submissive” role in bed. She was just looking for a no strings attached meetup and just a one-time thing. I was totally down for that so I messaged her back and we got really friendly. The photo she sent looked exactly how she described herself in the ad. It was almost identical and I was pumped to meet this beautiful blonde woman just looking to get laid. We set up a time to meet the next day.

The Meetup

This is where things began to downward spiral very quickly. The plan was for us to first meet at a local bar in Dallas. However, about an hour before the meetup she said that she had a time constraint and didn’t want to mess with going to the bar for small talk.

She instead proposed that I pick up some vodka and we simply head to my hotel room. Being the horny guy that I am of course I thought, “Perfect no money spent at the bar, she just wants to bang!”

After picking up the booze and some mixers, I found myself patiently waiting for her to show up. Then I got a text message that she was downstairs.

Of course, I gave her my room number and told her to come up and meet me there.

In The Room

There was a light knock on my door and I knew it was her. I swung the door open and no sooner realized that this girl had put on a little bit of weight since taking the photo. I mean, it wasn’t even comparable. At this point, I just brushed it off because all I was looking to do was get laid.

We poured a drink and she insisted that we have some shots of vodka as well. Being the type that never turns down a shot I went for it.

One thing led to another and we were making out with each other on the bed. Sure enough, we had sex and it was pretty good actually. The issue was that she was a lot heavier and not as pretty as her photo displayed. But that’s not all. Things took a turn for the absolute worst after we had sex.

The girl all the sudden mentioned that she wanted money for having sex with me and she wanted more than I had. I’m not talking $50 either. I’m talking $2,000! I had no idea that she would charge me to have sex with her. Afterall, I was just looking to have a Craigslist casual encounter with someone locally. Not to pay them for having sex with me. I’m not used to paying for sex as my dating network of choice doesn’t require any payment like this to girls.

Anyway, long story short, I didn’t have much cash and couldn’t pay her.

Then the nightmare started. She got extremely erratic and her tone changed instantly. After demanding the money, she sent a text to someone and that person ended up in front of my hotel room banging on the door. She ended up taking everything valuable that I had including my watch, credit cards and everything worth anything at all. The guy threatened to kick my ass and pistol whip me if I told anyone. It was the scariest casual encounter than I’ve ever had.

I’m convinced that the only reason this happened was that it wasn’t traceable on the Craigslist Dallas Personals network. They had no record of who the girl really was.

I totally messed up and will never do that ever again. Now I only use secure dating sites that promise casual sex for free, period. To the girl and the guy that robbed me, you’ll get what’s coming to you one day.

If you are contemplating using the Craigslist personals section or Backpage personals, don’t even think about it!

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Best Bars To Meet Girls In El Paso, TX


If you want to find a city that is brimming with gorgeous women looking to hookup, look no further than El Paso, Texas. This is a large city with a lot of people. The majority of that population is female and they like to bang. Thanks to the high number of young ladies in the city, the dating scene can be very exciting if you know which bars and clubs to go to. Not to mention, some of these ladies are very much into the swinglifestyle and everything that comes with it! I can’t say enough great things about the girls into that stuff either. To be honest, not really sure where to even begin with that. At any rate, I’ll give you my take on the hottest bars to meet horny chicks in El Paso!

Best Bars In El Paso Tx To Meet Girls

Inside the Hoppy Monk bar in El Paso, TX

Top Ten List Of Awesome El Paso Bars To Meet Hot Girls

Below are some suggestions on some local bars where you can find some of the finest single ladies in El Paso, TX. Whether you give one or all of them a shot, you’d be a fool to not try any of them.

  1. Teddy’s Night Club – This El Paso club is a longtime destination for tourists looking to party. They have Salsa dancing and live bands to keep the scene vibrant and there is never a shortage of pretty ladies. I’ve actually gone home with a girl that I met at this nightclub. Yes, I ended up having sex with her. It was blurry but nevertheless, I got my jimmy wet.
  2. Club 101 – Come here for a nice mix of music from the 80’s and 90’s. If you’re looking to connect with a mature milf or two, then you might find them here. This spot draws women from of a wide range of ages from young college girls to horny older cougars. Friday nights are jammed because ladies get in for free.
  3. The Stampede – This is one of the many cowboy bars in Texas, but it is one of the most popular in El Paso for sure. They play country music as well as hip-hop and party music. This bar has a free night for the ladies as well, but this one is on Thursday nights. I like getting drunk (even though I say not to) on Thursday, it primes me just right for Friday night fun!
  4. Erin’s Bar and Grill – The best part of this karaoke bar is the covered patio that gives it a great party vibe. They play a good assortment of music on the patio and have a nice selection of karaoke tunes as well. Groups of hot girls love to come in and sing karaoke with their friends.
  5. Eloise – This restaurant and bar has a nice European-inspired atmosphere and specializes in healthy dishes. Local women with class and killer bodies frequent this classy establishment for a casual meal with drinks at the bar. It’s also a nice place to take a date out for fine dining in the dining room.
  6. Blackbird Cantina Deluxe – This popular beer garden is known for its selection of great beers and great music. It has a charming old fashioned atmosphere and cheap drinks. They are also known for their excellent service.
  7. The Hoppy Monk – This beer garden and cocktail bar have a huge selection of draft beers. The food is awesome too. In fact, I think it’s the food that keeps people coming back again and again, especially hot women. Use your Fuckbook app here if you use it anywhere.
  8. Hope and Anchor – I love this place. It’s a bar with a great vibe and a nice view of the Franklin mountains. The way it’s lit and decorated and the location makes it a perfect place to strike up a conversation with a cute girl.
  9. King’s X Bar – This spot is a really cool neighborhood bar that has been open since 1963. It’s got with karaoke, live music, and assorted events that take place on the regular. A must see for those that have never been.
  10. Blu – Enjoy great music from DJ’s and live bands and they even have professional dancers performing on stage to keep up the level of excitement and sexuality. No cover for women on Saturday nights ensures a high number of stunning single females.

Now, if you’re only in town for a couple of days, then you’ll want to try at least two or three of these places. When you do, have your mobile phone ready to chat with patrons. Connect with them online then approach them after the fact. Trust me, it’ll give you a solid head start!