My Review After Using It In Dallas, Tx


I recently took a stab at using The TNA Board and it turned out to be a huge waste of time. Now I’m here sharing my thoughts on a site called ECCIE. I honestly have no idea why it’s been named that but I can tell you that you’ll want to read this before attempting to use the site. I ended up trying to use the local Dallas site after spending time at The Lodge, a local strip club. What a mistake that was…

First off, there are plenty of reasons I wouldn’t condone using pay-for-play sex sites or those companies that would illegally market sex for money. As per my previous reviews, I do not support these types of sites all. Unfortunately, with I’ve found yet another one of these illegal companies that offer far more than they should be. If you’ve ever used an escort forum, after reading on below I’m almost certain that you won’t again.

Eccie Review

Clearing The Haze Surrounding

I was honestly a little unsure of where to begin, as we encountered so many distinct issues on that this article could’ve been twice as long. But, while there are a lot of failures in the way this site operates, I should first talk about how Eccie functions.

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Zero Technical Development crashes constantly. We’re talking almost every time you log into their site, it crashes. Site outages seem to be the norm, and when we tried to access the FAQ to see what had occurred, we were redirected to a different dating site.

So finally, I gave up and attempted to look at the so-called fine print regarding It turns out that the link for this leads nowhere. The page doesn’t even exist. For us, this produced instant red flags before we could even really start looking through profiles. This pushes us onto our next topic.

There’s Hardly Anyone Here

When I initially started browsing profiles, said that there were 490,000 member profiles in total with about 100,000 of these currently online. While this isn’t the most significant number in the world, it should’ve been at least high enough for me to find someone to chat with.

Entirely the opposite occurred though, as I hardly saw anyone respond to our messages. Even days later as I write this, we have received zero new replies. What this tells me is that most or all of these profiles are fake.

Pop-Ups Galore

Regardless of whether or not you’re using an adblocker or other software, will still throw ads your way at any available opportunity. Most of the toolbar links redirect you to other sites while opening up several new spam windows. If you do somehow decide you’d like to use, make sure you update your malware detection and don’t click on anything. Honestly, you’ll have better luck avoiding these links altogether.

A Meaningless Membership has a “premium” membership that they offer for $59/year. Frankly, by the point I’d even discovered that this was an option, I decided not to sample the upgraded membership options. Not only does the idea of giving these people credit card information worry me, but without going very far onto their page our computers were already littered with spyware. If you value any of your personal information, maybe stick to the free options.

What We Think

Safety should be your primary concern when trying to meet other singles online, and doesn’t do anything to protect your information. They connect individuals to shady, illicit individuals who are usually just trying to get some or all of your money. If you’re that focused on trying to meet folks through forums, make sure you do your homework and at least find a company more reputable than

If you’re smart, you’ll stick with a pay site that allows you to meet people for sex without paying money. My favorite network provides a place to do all that. Check it out right here.

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