Review of TNA Board: It’s NOT A Legit Forum To Find Escorts


The TNA Board says that their name stands for “Truth in Advertising,” but I struggled to find any truth here. If you have never heard of the TNA Board, it’s supposed to be an online forum where you can find girls in your local area, whether they be girls who want to meet and fuck or girls that are escorts. They post reviews of all the local girls, and it is supposed to assist you in finding the best ones. They refer to these girls as “providers” but what they don’t say is that they provide sex services. If you are in the market to pay for sex, you want a site that is 100% safe and there is no room for a fraud. With Backpage and Craigslist Personals shutdown.

I have navigated a lot of boards like this and I was able to spot all the reasons why the TNA Board is not legit, and why it’s not a safe site to navigate. Many reasons can be found in their terms. I have all the detailed reasons listed for you below.

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Why TNA Board is Not a Legit Platform

If you are experienced with sites like this, you will be able to spot the red flags as you navigate it. There were quite a few on this one. I’ll start with what I found in their fine print.

One of the most important things I found in their terms and conditions is that they admit that they do not have control over any of the ads or links on the page. They basically admit that you aren’t protected, and they don’t stand behind what they post. They try to use clever wording to hide the fact that there is no telling what you are clicking on when you use this board. Any legit board or forum of this kind will have many security parameters in place and they make it a point to assure you that you are protected. There is no such protection here, and they admit it.

Another bit of information hidden in the terms is that they have the right to terminate your membership and they are not obligated to return the money that you have spent. No matter how much you complain to customer service, you will not be refunded because they outline it in their terms.

As I got to the end of their terms, I noticed something that is likely to turn you off about this site. Every post that you make is saved and it is never deleted. They reserve the right to keep all information that you enter the site and use it however they like.

You can never trust the TNA Board to have real girls because there is no verification process or anything that proves that any of the girls are genuine. The information that is provided is generic information that can easily be faked. Most of the girls I found on TNA had very little information filled in and nothing to show that they were real or had a personality. If you have ever been to a real site of this kind, you know that the girls each have their own distinctive personality that often comes out in their profile. Not here.

Forget about personality. Don’t you want more info about a girl, so you can find out where she has been? You could go to all the trouble of contacting a girl and setting up a meeting and you could find out that she has an STD. None of the information is available here and I would think that this would be one of the main concerns of a site like this, but they don’t’ seem to care at all.

If I’m being honest, the main reason to avoid using TNA Board to pay for sex is that it’s against the law to pay for sex. If you really had your heart set on it, wouldn’t you go to a site that had a large selection of girls to choose from? When I was trying out TNA, there were never over 1,500 users online at any given time. This site is supposed to be national, heck even international, so that’s not a very large number at all. There are far too many other platforms where you can find things like this and you probably don’t want one that has a small selection and no security.

If you want to test out the site for yourself, just open the main page and click on any of the links. Many of them redirect you to other sites or are just pop up ads. If it’s not an ad, you are prompted to purchase a premium membership. I am not sure why anyone would want to purchase a premium membership to a site with so many flaws and with so few users.

Conclusion: Do NOT Use The TNABoard

As you can see by my review, I found TNA Board to be a huge waste of time and a site that is not safe enough to experiment on. It also doesn’t have enough of a selection to bother with it. If you do find a real escort on here, there is no telling what kind of mess you are going to get into. Why risk breaking the law on a site that is so shady?

If you want to get laid, just use a network like this one here.

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Reasons To Avoid Craigslist Casual Encounters in Houston Texas


Not going to lie today. I’ve been known to do some grimy things to meet girls, that includes using Craigslist to hook up. It’s obvious that you should use caution when you browse the Casual Encounters section on Craigslist, no matter what city you live in. It’s especially important in Houston, Texas. It’s a major city with a thriving singles scene. I’ve been lucky enough to live here for a long time and even luckier to have been able to bag lots of horny girls looking for “the D” and nothing more.

There is a huge number of single girls amongst the college football crowd and many people visit Houston for work. Guess what, some of them are looking for a no strings attached fling. I say that with the utmost confidence. It’s fun to be a part of such a thriving city if you are looking for a hookup. However, Craigslist gives a lot of bad people a place to prey. That goes for whether it be someone who wants to scam you out of your money or sometimes even cause harm to you.

craigslist casual encounters houston texas

Reasons To ALWAYS Avoid The Craigslist Casual Encounters Section

All you have to do is scroll through the Houston section on Craigslist to see that it’s a wild place that you can’t just dive into. Well, not unless you want something bad to happen. Many of the headings are graphic and straightforward, while others are very subtle, and offer sex services. I’m telling you the services are a huge waste of money too!

It takes a lot getting comfortable with using because you must learn what to watch out for and how to recognize a bogus or dangerous post. Let’s look at some of the major reasons to avoid Craigslist when looking to hook up in Houston.

Links To Harmful Websites

Many of the posts are from webcam companies and even escort services trying to trick you into clicking on their website. Anytime you are prompted to click on an outside link, it’s almost always some type of pay service.

Complete Scams

There is a wide variety of scams in virtually every section of Craigslist because of how easy it is to post for free. This is to be expected from any site that offers free posting, but there are others that have better security and regulations. Most of the time these are nothing but local escorts living in Houston looking to turn tricks on gullible people.

Lots of Criminals

There are some people who post for the sole purpose of committing a crime. This can be anything from trying to take your money, hijack your personal information, or even lure you into a dangerous situation.

Sex Trafficking

This type of thing is extreme and rare, but it does exist and it has been rumored to have been found on Craigslist. Lured by a wide range of false promises; young girls get caught in a sex for money operation.

Ridiculous Pranks

There are many people who take advantage of the free and easy posting to play pranks on people like posting pictures of a girl they know and offering sex services.

There Are Better Alternatives in Houston…

If you knew what the real “single life” had to offer in Houston, you wouldn’t resort to searching on Craigslist for sex. In fact, there are tons of bars that you can check out if you want to meet someone local to bang. You can check out places like Pub Fiction, Irish Cowboy, 3rd Floor, 13 Celsius, Barbarella, Dirt Bar, Rebel’s Honkytonk and more. I’ve picked up plenty of mature women at these local spots and you can too.

Guess what’s a whole lot better???

Alternatives online! What I do is typically use popular sex networks to connect with people in public discreetly. It’s a much better tactic versus simply trying to go out on the town and hope that you meet someone. This site is what I call the Fbook of sex and it has a large database of locals in Houston looking to have no strings attached sex. How do I know? Well, I’m a member of the network myself and it works like a charm. Whatever you do, please stay away from Craigslist.