Casual Sex Date Hot Spots To Always Remember


I’m no stranger to casual sex. You obviously know this if you took the time to read about me and my online dating journey. I’ve been known to basically bang any girl willing. When talking about the best places to find a casual sex hookup, the conversation is certainly two-sided. The rise of online dating has expanded our opportunities for having guilt free sex. Guess what, this changes the game quite a bit. That’s why this article had to be divided into two different sections. In the first section, I will discuss the best spots for casual dating online. In the last section, I will discuss the best spots to find casual sex in person. Both methods have their differences and their similarities and it’s best to know as much as possible about both to determine which is better for you.

casual sex date methods

Casual Sex Dating Hot Spots And What To Remember If You Want To Get Laid

Below are the two main areas that you need to be concerned about with regards to hookup up today. Read them both and understand each area. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to test out each of these (which is no different than my previous efforts). Here’s what you need to know if you like casual sex on the regular. Let’s start with meeting and banging online…

Online Casual Sex Hookups – Hooking up online may seem like the easier of the two methods, but there are many things you should consider if you want to be successful. One advantage is that it’s easier to approach beautiful women online than it is in person. Keep in mind that you will still encounter rejection and you must be prepared for that. One disadvantage is that you may run into a site with fake profiles and computer generated messages that cost you a lot of time and money without giving you any real results.

Sadly, the majority of hookup sites are this way, so you must use caution and find one that is honest. Once you gain some experience and you know the warning signs; spotting these bogus sites is rather easy. Until you get good at spotting a fraud, you should read the site’s terms and conditions thoroughly. Try some free sites or even just one free fuck site at first until you get the hang of it, because you don’t have anything to lose but time. Keep in mind that, if a site is free, they will never ask for your credit card information. If they do, you should discontinue using the site and move on to another one.

Standard Casual Sex Hookups – Hooking up in person is a much older method of finding casual sex and a much more time-tested method. The disadvantage is that you must make your presentation without being able to hide behind your computer. You must gauge their interest on the spot and make the right moves to get them interested without a personality profile to rely on. The main key to success in both online hookups and in person hookups is confidence.

If you show confidence and you are sure of yourself, you will be very attractive to potential dates even if you aren’t the best-looking guy. The best places to find casual sex partners is and always has been bars and night clubs. There is a chance that you will find a hookup pretty much anywhere from a grocery store to the mall, but bars and clubs have a higher volume of people looking to hook up and this increases your chances for success. Even hanging out in a populated area with a high concentration of bars and nightclubs could lead to a casual sex encounter.

That’s a quick rundown of both the standard and online methods for meeting a casual sex partner. Waste no time or effort today, please. Take some serious action and thank me later!

Guide To Christmas Sex Dating Success To End The Year


Being alone during the holidays absolutely sucks. Which is why I’m so grateful that so many casual dating sites exist today. Christmas sex is an annual goal of mine and even though I don’t have a steady girlfriend, I do my best to try and get laid during the holiday. It sounds a bit fucked up but it’s true. I true to bang a different girl every Christmas eve and then tell them “Merry Christmas.” If you want to have a successful Christmas bang, then you best pay close attention to what I’m about to share with you!

christmas sex guide

Tips For Getting Lucky And Having Great Christmas Sex

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. It’s pretty easy to have sex on Christmas or even Christmas Eve if you know what you’re doing. I’m a veteran at this casual sex stuff, so just listen closely and do whatever I say to do.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you’ve got an active membership to a dating site that you can use. It can’t be any of that pussy dating shit either. It’s gotta be on a site that’s meant to connect people for sex. If not, join this one here today.

Once you’ve got a site to use, now you need to set your profile in trueXmass form. I suggest that it is decked out for Christmas. Don’t worry, you don’t have to keep it that way forever but girls like that type of thing especially if you make it sexual and fun. Don’t just toss up a santa hat with a pic of your cock unless your hung like crazy.

Now, you’ve got to let your message be heard. You should really just put it in your tagline. Just post, “Looking for Christmas sex” and that should stir things up a bit! I’ve been using that same line for years and I’m not afraid to continue to do so.

Once you hook a few girls, let them know the real deal. Tell them that you get off to fucking on Christmas and you’d love to share that experience with them. Be sure to tell them it’s nothing more than a quickie and that they will have time to spend with their families for sure.

This same approach helped me fuck a random local girl that I met online last xmas eve. We banged sitting in a chair in my kitchen. It might have been the best Christmas sex I’ve ever had in my entire lifetime.

Tis the season to get some booty! Fuck a la, la, la, la, la, la, lot!!!!

Best Cities To Use Fuckbook Mobile To Find Sex


There are some cities throughout the United States that just are better for finding sex. I’ve traveled a ton and in most cities, I’ve been able to meet and fuck some naughty girl that I’ve connected with locally. To do this, I use my favorite mobile dating site more often than anything. In case you’re planning a trip, I want you to consider some of these cities if you’re looking for easy sex spots to take a weekend getaway.

best cities mobile fuckbook-dating

Las Vegas (Outside Luxor Hotel)

Top Five Cities To Find Sex In The United States

Keep in mind that I’m not some rich prick that’s got money to burn. I’m simply giving your the common man choices for those looking to head out to a new city for some fun, food, drinks and girls. These are not in any particular order since I hooked up personally in every location listed, I didn’t think it was worth my time to rank them.

Las Vegas

I’ve been going to Las Vegas, Nevada for years. It’s a staple spot for me and given the number of tourists that strictly visit in order to party, it’s great for hooking up. I typically connect with girls the second I get off the plane. I literally waste zero time and effort when it comes to Vegas. Most of the time I do not have to even buy girls dinner in Vegas. They’re just looking to meet someone to bang and that’s it. It’s a top city for sure!


I really like Miami. I’ve been on a number of occasions with a couple of buddies and it’s simply exotic. Everywhere you look, there are pretty girls flocking around flaunting their big tits and Lulu yoga pants. This city is a place that you’ll want to put on your bucket list if you’ve never been. There are plenty of South American women hanging out just looking for some dick. I can’t stress how easy it is to fuck girls in Miami.


Since I live here, it’s only right that I include it as a top city for finding a sex partner. You don’t need to worry about wasting your time with stupid escorts in Houston or anything like that. The fuckbook mobile site has plenty of local Houston girls to connect with. I’ve been using it for a long time and I can say that some of the Texas girls just know how to fuck.

New York City

Although expensive, New York City is a spot that you’ll want to hit to try and meet some girls to bang. I’ve met some of the prettiest and aggressive women ever in this city. I’ll give you a hint to help you out. Just hang out a W Hotel in Manhattan and log onto the site from your phone. I guarantee you’ll see lots of local women on there looking to meet guys for sex. Heck, they may be sitting right next to you sipping a martini waiting for you to message her.

San Diego

I like San Diego for the blonde babes. They’ve got some of the hottest women on the planet and if you’re traveling to surf or hit a Chargers game then stay in the Gaslamp district. There are tons of bars that you can hang out at to meet some naughty SD state chicks. Sure, it’s a bit pricey but it’s well worth the money to visit this awesome city. Go during a holiday and you’ll see just how crazy the downtown area can get!

Well, those are the top five cities that I’ve been to and hooked up in. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to other cities and meet some beautiful single women but these are my favorite spots above. I’ll be going back to each of them very soon.

Best Steak Houses In Houston For Casual Dating


I know exactly what you are thinking. There’s something going through your head that’s got you thinking it’s absolutely ludicrous to take some random casual date to a fine steak house. Well, I live in Houston, TX and I’m not afraid to take a girl on a nice date. Given that I’m not super rich, I don’t do it that often. However, when I do meet a really hot girl online that I without a doubt want to score with, I pull out all the stops. Yes, you heard it correctly. I take some of these girls that I meet on Fuckbook to a nice dinner. We typically have a few martinis a nice meal and we end up at a hotel or my place to fuck like crazy. Now, that being said, I’ll tell you my favorite steak houses in the Houston area that I go to. If you live in the area, then you might want to try this same tactic.

top five houston steak houses

Top Steak Houses In Houston Texas That I Take Dates

This list is in no specific order as all the Houston steakhouses are so damn money within the list that I can’t even rank them. They are delish!

Pappas Bros Steakhouse
Honestly, the Pappas Bros Steakhouse is so fucking top notch it’s almost untouchable. I typically pick up the New York strip every single time I visit this place. The mac and cheese is absolutely delicious here but I tend to steer clear of that if I’m on a casual hookup date. They make me sleepy and I want to have plenty of energy for the night! I try to steer clear of any deserts too. I’ll have an espresso but that’s about it.

5839 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77057

Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse
Honestly, this one isn’t my favorite but it’s definitely a top 4 choice for taking a date.  The restaurant is located in the Downtown Houston area and it’s got a great vibe. I always valet park at this restaurant because it’s that much easier to get out when you want to head home to hook up. I typically go with the smoked pork T-bone at Vic and Anthony’s. While they do have great steak, I love their pork as well. I should also mention that the cocktails at this place are out of this world! Actually, now that I think of it, I do love the steak but the pork is my favorite. Some people think this is the best steakhouse in Houston. They might not be wrong!

1510 Texas Ave
Houston, TX 77002

This place called Brennan’s is a rather decent steak house. It’s not as pricey as the last two that I’ve mentioned but it’s just as good. The wait staff is very polite and I’ve never had a bad meal. It is almost identical in terms of taste and fine dining to the location based in New Orleans. They’ve got a soup that’s pretty legit and a wine selection that you wouldn’t believe. It’s a very romantic atmosphere so you’ll want to make sure you bring someone you want to get intimate with to this restaurant.

3300 Smith St
Houston, TX 77006

While I tend to stick to bar seating at this restaurant, it’s a top notch steak house in Houston to meet someone for drinks or dinner. I love the NY strip at this restaurant and they make awesome blue cheese olive martinis. Since I’m a sucker for these drinks and I know most women are as well, it’s a great spot to take someone to dine nicely, then fuck roughly. Boom! I said it! I’ve even met some lonely milfs at the bar and had the pleasure of hooking up with them. It’s not all that difficult, just don’t be an asshole. It’s definitely one of the better steak houses in the Houston area. Don’t discount it even though it’s a chain. It’s still a legit spot to dine.

2405 W Alabama St
Houston, TX 77098

Houston’s Restaurant
Last but not least, I like to go to Houston’s with my casual dates. The reason I like this restaurant so much is that it’s not overly expensive and there’s something on the menu for everyone. The sister restaurant is called Hillstone and the menu is exactly the same. I’ve dined at both and I can say that they are both wonderful. Try the Hawaiian steak or the crab cakes. The ribs are pretty awesome too if you’re into that type of messy eating. I try to keep it clean when on dates. In fact, I spend a lot of time at this restaurant during happy hour just to meet girls at the bar. The drinks are fucking money at Houston’s and Hillstone. I can almost guarantee that you’ll love the experience.

4848 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX 77098

Other steak houses worth mentioning are Trulucks, Chama Gaúcha Brazilian, and Del Frisco’s. I’d say you can’t really go wrong with any of those places either!

That’s a rundown of my favorite steak houses in the Houston, TX area. If you have any others that you think I should add to the list please send them my way. I can honestly say that I’ve had success taking at least one person I’ve met online to each of the restaurants mentioned above and I’ve had sex with them following dinner. Don’t hate on me and my accomplishments. If you want the same results, just find someone in your hometown that’s looking to bang, message them and make a plan. It’s not rocket science, it’s just effort! One last thing before I go, I must advise that you never ever take any escorts that you meet to these restaurants. You shouldn’t be spending any money on those girls aside from paying them for their services. Even at that, I’d steer clear from them!

Why I Love Meeting Lonely Married Wives Online


I’m not opposed to hooking up with any type of women, that goes for lonely married wives! I’ve hooked up with all types of women and I can say that lonely housewives are some of my favorite to fuck. I know most people prefer meeting young college girls opposed to these mature women, but I disagree with that. There are so many reasons why married women are perfect for trying to bang. I’m going to share with you the main reasons why I love them so much.

married lonely wives

Reasons I Love Lonely Married Wives

Some women that are married are unhappy. In fact, I’d be willing to be that majority of the women that are married are not happy at all. That’s not a big deal though now that they’ve all got the option to meet people for sex on Fuckbook and similar style sites. I love these married women and I’m going to tell you why right now.

No Drama

Some people think dating marry women is nothing but drama. Well, when you do it using a site like this one, then it’s virtually drama free! That’s because these women are not up for drama. They have enough issues in their home life, which is why they avoid local drama by using fbook dating sites.

No Strings Attached

Lonely married wives don’t want anything they can become attached to. They aren’t looking for clingers. Instead, they want no strings attached hookups that result in sex and nothing more. One and done is the motto they live by and all they’re looking to do is get banged. You don’t have to worry about them wanting to start a relationship or do anything of that magnitude. You don’t even need to worry about sexting them or sending any follow-up messages ever. They don’t care about you like that!

Try Harder

Married women often put forth more effort to please men. They do this because they want to feel wanted and it’s a way for them to feel good about themselves. Trying harder often yields better results, especially in the bedroom. It’s well known that women who try to give good head do it the best. The college girls that are scared to deepthroat don’t stand a chance against these veteran dick suckers.

Plenty Of Them

Guess what, there is no shortage of married women that want some strange dick. None what so ever out there in this world. No matter where I am, I run into lonely slutty wives that are looking to bang. It’s as simple as that really. A surplus of horny wives makes me a happy man.

Low Expectations

Lonely married wives have very low expectations when it comes to sex and meeting someone to cheat with. That actually works in your favor and you should not take that as an insult. It’s the low expectations that help you shine better!

Those are only a few simple reasons why I date these horny lonely wives. I could give you ten more reasons but I don’t need to do that. Instead, what you need to do is try to meet some in your city or town that are looking to have an affair. If you need help picking up older women then just email me and I’ll give you some pointers.