Casual Sex Date Hot Spots To Always Remember


I’m no stranger to casual sex. You obviously know this if you took the time to read about me and my online dating journey. I’ve been known to basically bang any girl willing. When talking about the best places to find a casual sex hookup, the conversation is certainly two-sided. The rise of online dating has expanded our opportunities for having guilt free sex. Guess what, this changes the game quite a bit. That’s why this article had to be divided into two different sections. In the first section, I will discuss the best spots for casual dating online. In the last section, I will discuss the best spots to find casual sex in person. Both methods have their differences and their similarities and it’s best to know as much as possible about both to determine which is better for you.

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Casual Sex Dating Hot Spots And What To Remember If You Want To Get Laid

Below are the two main areas that you need to be concerned about with regards to hookup up today. Read them both and understand each area. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to test out each of these (which is no different than my previous efforts). Here’s what you need to know if you like casual sex on the regular. Let’s start with meeting and banging online…

Online Casual Sex Hookups – Hooking up online may seem like the easier of the two methods, but there are many things you should consider if you want to be successful. One advantage is that it’s easier to approach beautiful women online than it is in person. Keep in mind that you will still encounter rejection and you must be prepared for that. One disadvantage is that you may run into a site with fake profiles and computer generated messages that cost you a lot of time and money without giving you any real results.

Sadly, the majority of hookup sites are this way, so you must use caution and find one that is honest. Once you gain some experience and you know the warning signs; spotting these bogus sites is rather easy. Until you get good at spotting a fraud, you should read the site’s terms and conditions thoroughly. Try some free sites or even just one free fuck site at first until you get the hang of it, because you don’t have anything to lose but time. Keep in mind that, if a site is free, they will never ask for your credit card information. If they do, you should discontinue using the site and move on to another one.

Standard Casual Sex Hookups – Hooking up in person is a much older method of finding casual sex and a much more time-tested method. The disadvantage is that you must make your presentation without being able to hide behind your computer. You must gauge their interest on the spot and make the right moves to get them interested without a personality profile to rely on. The main key to success in both online hookups and in person hookups is confidence.

If you show confidence and you are sure of yourself, you will be very attractive to potential dates even if you aren’t the best-looking guy. The best places to find casual sex partners is and always has been bars and night clubs. There is a chance that you will find a hookup pretty much anywhere from a grocery store to the mall, but bars and clubs have a higher volume of people looking to hook up and this increases your chances for success. Even hanging out in a populated area with a high concentration of bars and nightclubs could lead to a casual sex encounter.

That’s a quick rundown of both the standard and online methods for meeting a casual sex partner. Waste no time or effort today, please. Take some serious action and thank me later!

How To Hook Up: A Game Plan For 2016


It’s going to be a brand new year and if you don’t have a game plan in place then you’re not going to win. Before the new year starts, I’m going to give some basic things you must know. I’ll teach you how to hook up in the new year!

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Want To Learn How To Hook Up In 2016? Do All This!

Be Confident
If you want to be successful in 2016, you’ve got to be confident for an entire year. Confidence does wonders for your ego and being confident can really boost your success when it comes to hooking up with others. No one wants to date someone that has no confidence. It’s like dating a high school wimp. They never get laid.

Make Time
Want to hook up more in 2016? Make time to do it and you will. It’s no different than getting in shape. If you’re not making time to work out then you’ll never get a six pack. Same goes for hooking up with someone regularly. If you want to hook up you must make time for it!

Look Good
Do yourself a favor and start dressing for success. Make an honest effort to look great, not just good. People that look good on paper and in person normally have high success rates. I always do my best to look good and most of the time when I meet someone, if they are single, I fuck them. Make an effort.

Enjoy Life
This is an important part of your game plan for 2016, you must enjoy life to the fullest this year! Last year I made an effort and promised myself I would enjoy 2015 to the fullest extent possible. It changed my life and I hooked up with more people doing so.

Communicate Better
Communication is key in anything. Especially if you want to hook up with more people in the new year. Communicating better should be a part of your game plan in 2016. That means responding to people that message you through any dating app. It means texting people back and calling others when you promise to do so. Be responsive and reliable and you’ll get fucked more. By “get fucked” more I mean that you’ll have more opportunities to get watch Netflix and chill with some a booty call!

Talk To Strangers
I know, we’ve always been taught to never talk to strangers. However, if you’re trying to hook up with more people, you need to talk to as many people as possible. I don’t care if you’re outside at Starbucks, online using a social dating site or if you are at a friends cookout. Talk to people. If you want to hook up you need to do it!

That sums up the key components that should be part of your “how to hook up” game plan for the new year.