Backpage San Antonio Texas Girls (Why They Suck)


If you are from San Antonio or if you visit the area, before you try and meet any girls, you need to read this. Girls in San Antonio, Texas are among some of the most beautiful girls in the world. However, that does not mean that the girls you find in the San Antonio section of Backpage are necessarily going to be that great. For those unfamiliar, Backpage is a casual personals site that is set up like Craigslist. I’m going to tell you why this site truly sucks if you want to meet girls in the local area. I know it sounds strange but finding local sex without having to deal with these crappy girls is possible. However, let’s talk about the girls on this classifieds site first.

San Antonio Backpage Girls

Why Backpage San Antonio Girls Suck So Much

Here’s a quick rundown to share why I stay away from the San Antonio girls advertising on the site. But first, let me explain what it’s all about. It’s an online site where people post in multiple sections like Local Places, Buy/Sell/Trade, Real Estate, and Dating. Within the Dating section are a few subsections that exist. The  Women>Men and Men>Women subsections are a cluttered mess of desperation and disappointment. The women you find there do not represent the best of what you can find in the area. Trust me, most are straight up hoes that I wouldn’t bang for free let alone pay for sex.

Better Than Strip Clubs

Many of the girls on Backpage are what we refer to as call girls aka escorts. They offer companionship, and sometimes more, for a price. These posts make up roughly half of the daily listings. Much of it is concealed prostitution and the girls are usually not the best-looking unless you are willing to pay top dollar. Trust me, that’s not even the worst of it. These escorts are not even individual women. They are most often part of several postings that a company will put up complete with pictures and even videos at times. Meanwhile, the pictures aren’t even authentic and they send you someone completely different. You’ll see a photo of a hot San Antonio girl thinking that you’re getting some supermodel, then a fat sloppy looking crackhead shows up to give you some loving. If you think a crackhead is down for some “Netflix and chill” time, you’re wrong. All they care about is money.

Another drawback of the San Antonio section of Backpage is the clutter. You can’t tell which post to click on because they’re all jumbled together with a lot of confusing wording and sloppy titles. Emoji and all caps filled postings fill up page after page of listings trying to get your attention. At least this makes it easier to see that this is not the best spot to find girls. This site might be useful to find a cheap lawn mower or stereo system, but it is not the best place to find a hookup.

backpage san antonio ad example

Sample ad from a local San Antonio Backpage girl.

When you scroll down each page, you will see another sign of bogus listings. Repeat postings with the same pattern of emoji’s and wording begin to become noticeable showing you proof that many companies will put up multiple listings to draw people to their service. You learn to look past these postings as you continue to scroll and you soon realize that there is not much left to look at. Very few girls that you find in this section will be real. An authentic experience with a girl you meet here is rare.

An authentic experience in the dating section of the San Antonio Backpage is rare, but it’s possible. However, I would try this site instead before doing anything. Before you try it, you must think about your chances of hooking up with a hot girl that you like. Even the girls that are real are not the classiest girls in the world. Think about it. A girl that you are likely to be attracted to is not going to be advertising herself in free online personals. The hottest girls are out at the bars and clubs. If they do look for hookups online, it’s with apps like Tinder and quality online dating sites. I promise that you’re not going to find any girl looking like one of the Kardashian sisters. Most of them are so fucking gross. The Backpage method of finding someone to hook up with does not get the best results.

Better Than Strip Clubs

Best Colleges In Texas For Hooking Up With Girls


Hooking up in college is something to me that simply isn’t an option. It’s one of those things that you so desperately want to get accomplished that you’ll do just about anything to meet and bang people on campus. Many of you would agree that one of the best parts of college life is having the freedom and availability to have an active sex life. Well, did you know that some schools give you more opportunities to hook up than others? Many of those schools are in the state of Texas. Here is a list of the best Texas colleges for hooking up. I’ll start with the religious schools that are ironically notorious for having promiscuous students. Check out the list I’ve provided below for those that can lead to successful hookups!

Best Colleges In Texas For Hooking Up

Top 9 Colleges and Universities In Texas For Hooking Up With Students

I’m just going to come out and list everything that I know about these schools. I’ve personally spent time at a number of them and can attest to the many horny students on campus! Read the entire list, find the school that’s closest to you, join a casual sex site and head to that campus immediately. It’s s sure way tot meet someone for sex. If it works for me, it’ll work for you as well!

Texas Christian University – This school is famous for its prominent hookup culture and the students usually prefer hooking up over the traditional dating scene. The parties and the alcohol along with a major Greek presence make it a prime hookup school. It’s at the top of the list of the most attractive college girls looking for booty calls in the country and it’s known for being a top party school as well.

Southwestern Assemblies of God University – A Bible university for ministry, theological studies, and liberal arts. Known as being one of the safest campuses in the country which probably contributes to the high amount of student hookups. Students seem to feel free to be more promiscuous when they feel that they are in a safe environment.

Southern Methodist University – This college is known for being one of the best Greek Life colleges in the country and among the top ten party schools. It is also in the top 20 colleges with the most attractive girls.

Baylor University – The excitement of the athletic programs at this Baptist university contribute to the frequency of hookups. It is high on the list of student-athletes and hottest college girls in the country. It is also known for its uneven gender ratio with three girls to every two guys.

University of Texas, Austin – This bustling university and one of the main party schools in the United States is a hotbed for sexual activity. The proof is the amount of sex toys and condoms sold here, as well as, the high rate of STDs and births.

Stephen F Austin State University – This school is known for its high population of attractive guys and girls. You can even get into dating sites and find local hookups free with your college e-mail.

Texas Tech University – This school is known for its beautiful campus and beautiful students as well. It’s known to be among the best college campuses in the country.

Texas State University – High on the list of the best campuses in the country as well as the best student life. It is known to be one of the best party schools as well. I’ve done a couple of blonde girls on campus here and they were a blast. We got wasted at a bar nearby campus.

Texas A&M University – I save the best for last here. I love A&M and have hooked up on so many occasions here I can’t even recall half of them. College bars like The Dixie Chicken make this college a great place to hook up and have a casual encounter. It has a thriving athletics program and is high on the list of best college campuses in the country. It is also known for its low tuition so many students enjoy using the money they save to pay for a thriving college sex life.

Whatever you do, if you end up failing miserably when it comes to hooking up with college girls at the colleges listed above, please DO NOT even think about trying Craigslist to find a fling. It’s by far the worst decision that you could possibly make when it comes to dating someone locally.

Reasons To Avoid Craigslist Casual Encounters in Houston Texas


Not going to lie today. I’ve been known to do some grimy things to meet girls, that includes using Craigslist to hook up. It’s obvious that you should use caution when you browse the Casual Encounters section on Craigslist, no matter what city you live in. It’s especially important in Houston, Texas. It’s a major city with a thriving singles scene. I’ve been lucky enough to live here for a long time and even luckier to have been able to bag lots of horny girls looking for “the D” and nothing more.

There is a huge number of single girls amongst the college football crowd and many people visit Houston for work. Guess what, some of them are looking for a no strings attached fling. I say that with the utmost confidence. It’s fun to be a part of such a thriving city if you are looking for a hookup. However, Craigslist gives a lot of bad people a place to prey. That goes for whether it be someone who wants to scam you out of your money or sometimes even cause harm to you.

craigslist casual encounters houston texas

Reasons To ALWAYS Avoid The Craigslist Casual Encounters Section

All you have to do is scroll through the Houston section on Craigslist to see that it’s a wild place that you can’t just dive into. Well, not unless you want something bad to happen. Many of the headings are graphic and straightforward, while others are very subtle, and offer sex services. I’m telling you the services are a huge waste of money too!

It takes a lot getting comfortable with using because you must learn what to watch out for and how to recognize a bogus or dangerous post. Let’s look at some of the major reasons to avoid Craigslist when looking to hook up in Houston.

Links To Harmful Websites

Many of the posts are from webcam companies and even escort services trying to trick you into clicking on their website. Anytime you are prompted to click on an outside link, it’s almost always some type of pay service.

Complete Scams

There is a wide variety of scams in virtually every section of Craigslist because of how easy it is to post for free. This is to be expected from any site that offers free posting, but there are others that have better security and regulations. Most of the time these are nothing but local escorts living in Houston looking to turn tricks on gullible people.

Lots of Criminals

There are some people who post for the sole purpose of committing a crime. This can be anything from trying to take your money, hijack your personal information, or even lure you into a dangerous situation.

Sex Trafficking

This type of thing is extreme and rare, but it does exist and it has been rumored to have been found on Craigslist. Lured by a wide range of false promises; young girls get caught in a sex for money operation.

Ridiculous Pranks

There are many people who take advantage of the free and easy posting to play pranks on people like posting pictures of a girl they know and offering sex services.

There Are Better Alternatives in Houston…

If you knew what the real “single life” had to offer in Houston, you wouldn’t resort to searching on Craigslist for sex. In fact, there are tons of bars that you can check out if you want to meet someone local to bang. You can check out places like Pub Fiction, Irish Cowboy, 3rd Floor, 13 Celsius, Barbarella, Dirt Bar, Rebel’s Honkytonk and more. I’ve picked up plenty of mature women at these local spots and you can too.

Guess what’s a whole lot better???

Alternatives online! What I do is typically use popular sex networks to connect with people in public discreetly. It’s a much better tactic versus simply trying to go out on the town and hope that you meet someone. This site is what I call the Fbook of sex and it has a large database of locals in Houston looking to have no strings attached sex. How do I know? Well, I’m a member of the network myself and it works like a charm. Whatever you do, please stay away from Craigslist.

Places To Meet Women In Houston Texas


Meeting women in Houston is actually pretty simple. There are plenty of places that you can visit to meet milfs, cougars, and even girls in college.

You don’t want to waste your time simply hanging out with people you know in the wrong places. I know all the hottest spots to meet horny milfs and other women willing to hook up with guys in Houston. Take a couple of minutes to read this blog post and up your game fast if you live in the local area.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I have something that I think gives me a bit of an edge in the local area. I utilize an online dating site that I feel is a no-brainer if you want to meet women to bang. Online dating, especially the type that warrants a no strings attached connection can help you meet local women in the area. That’s just the beginning, though, you need to use the tools that you have injunction with the information that you’re being provided today. Now, let’s get started…

Places To Meet Hot Women In Houston

Credit: Picture of the Remington Bar at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston, TX

Most Popular Places To Meet Women In Houston

There are plenty of top-notch places to meet women in Houston, TX. Having resided there for quite some time, I know all the hot spots. Let me start by covering some of the basics first, then I’ll get into the more specific locations throughout the area.

Boutique Coffee Shops

Did you know that this city has a ton of boutique coffee shops scattered around the city? If you include the typical Starbucks, then you’ve got an unbelievable number of cafes and coffee shops that milfs and college students hang out at all day long. Yes, I’m talking about the hot students studying for exams and those lonely cougars that are killing time in between yoga classes and hooking up with random men while their hubbies are at work.

It’s the perfect spot for sparking conversations with people and I can guarantee that you’ll eventually meet someone that’s physically attracted to you.

Cooking Class

Did you know that taking a cooking class can actually help you meet cougars and naughty girls in the local area? This works quite well especially if you’re a younger guy. Mature women in the class may take advantage of you and try to teach you how to cook. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a blast to me!

There’s a place specifically called the Urban Chef which provides cooking classes late at night. This is where working women go to meet young guys and have a fun cooking experience. Trust me, I’ve done it myself.

Local Comedy Shows

I’ve been known to hang around the Houston Improv on more than one occasion. I go to comedy clubs alone to meet local girls that are out on the town with their friends. Bachelorette parties, birthdays, and even just a typical thirsty Thursday mean that women of all kinds are out and about looking for a laugh and perhaps to meet someone to hook up with. You can also try the Sportz Comedy Club. This is great on Saturday nights but it fills up pretty fast on the weekend.

Houston’s Best Mall

I’m telling you, there are literally thousands of women roaming the Galleria Mall in Houston, TX and it might be one of the best places to meet someone. Women from all over the country visit this mall when they come to Houston. There’s a strong chance that you’ll come across a horny milf that’s looking for sex if you sync this location up with your dating app. Sure, the number of women using this site can be unbearably overwhelming but that’s the beauty of it. More women, more chances to successfully meet someone.

Houston Micro Breweries

There are plenty of local breweries in the area that offer a tasting tour for people that visit. Breweries such as Karbach and Buffalo Bayou offer tours and they have spots where you can hang out and down some beers. You’ll meet plenty of people that are simply looking to have fun, learn something, drink beer, and perhaps make a friend or two.

Specific Bars and Restaurants To Meet Girls

I’m going to be getting into some specifics here with regards to bars and restaurants in Houston. There are some places that I’d consider better places to hang out and drink if you want to meet single cougars and milfs. While there are also others that cater to the younger college girl crowd. Find out which spots are highly recommended and why.


This bar is known for their drunken pineapples and tasty drinks. If you’re into mature women, then this might be the spot for you.

I’ve slugged down many fruity drinks at this small bar and I’ve had plenty of $0.25 pineapples as well. It’s downtown and one of the best spots for those looking to just get polluted and take home a cougar.

902 Capitol St
Houston, TX 77002

Remington Bar

Next on the list is the infamous Remington Bar. This bar is conveniently located downtown in the St. Regis Hotel. The reason I like this bar is because it’s an easy spot for me to meet someone and rent a room to smash hours later.

Plenty of women that stay here have money and they tend to get a bit rowdy when they go on vacation with girls. It’s upscale enough to where you’re going to encounter plenty of beautiful women that take care of themselves and love martinis and wine. What’s not to love about that!

St. Regis Hotel
1919 Briar Oaks Ln
Houston, TX 77027

Sullivan’s Steak

I didn’t mention this in my post about steakhouses because I hadn’t tried it at the time. However, after giving this place a chance, I have to recommend it to you. I’d feel comfortable adding it to the list here.

Anyway, this is a hot spot for people looking to have a nice meal and meet some well-dressed milfs and cougars. The type of women that eat at this steakhouse and even hang out at the bar are top notch for sure. If you’re looking to have an old fashioned or a martini and steak, then you’ve certainly chosen the right place.

4608 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77027

Howl At The Moon

I had to mention a bar called Howl At The Moon. It’s a place that has two pianos where musicians will duel each other on the piano all night long.

The drinks are strong and the live entertainment doesn’t get any better than this. Lots of women go here to dance and let loose. You know what happens when women let loose right? They get really horny!

612 Hadley St
Houston, TX 77002

Anyway, that’s all I got in terms of spots for you to check out in Houston to meet college girls, cougars, or just the typical local milf. If you use your fuckbook app and visit these places and still cannot get laid, I’ll buy an escort to do it for you! However, I would never recommend doing that. Please do yourself a favor and read this to find out why! That’s how confident I am. Good luck!

How To Message And Meet Older Women Online


Whether you’re using a mainstream dating service or something more casual like this site, you can meet older women. Before doing so, you need to know how to message an older woman before you meet her. In fact, if you end up lost in this area, then you’re going to have a hard time hooking up with milfs, cougars, and other aged women online.

Having a better understanding of how to communication with women online puts you at a much better advantage for sure. It makes using any Internet dating websites that much easier too. If you want results, you need to make your experience easier for yourself.

As I expand on each of the communication tips below, I’d like for you to learn them and try to develop an understanding of how to best communicate with aged women.

Tips For Messaging Older Women

Tips For Messaging Older Women Online

Here are some tips that you need to know about if you want to successfully message older ladies online looking to fuck.

Time To Message

Did you know that the physical time is important when sending messages to women? The most common time to message is 7 pm at night. Sending messages at 5 am isn’t’ going to get you anywhere. You want to send them when the woman can take action.

What To Write

Did you know that most people just say “Hi” and that’s it, sad I know, in fact, 23% of guys stop there. That’s not going to get them anywhere doing that. There are roughly 15% of men that message older women that just say “How are you?” and that’s not going to cut it either.

If you want to do what most men do, then you’ll compliment women on their appearance. 31% of men out there compliment women on their appearance in messages. Of those 31% over 50% give the standard compliment “you are hot” and I’m telling you right now, that’s not the best way to do it. You’ve got to be more specific with regards to the compliments. If you’re going to compliment anything, it’s best to write about her eyes, smile, and something that’s not too sexual.

Words Frequently Used

There are some common words that people are using when messaging mature women. Women are accustomed to seeing these words in messages below, so don’t be a basic AF person. Try to think outside the box, these words are commonly used and you might not want to use them if you wish to stick out.

  • Beautiful
  • Gorgeous
  • Pretty
  • Cute
  • Nice
  • Attractive
  • Misc
  • Sexy
  • Stunning

Profile Compliments

Did you know that 15% of women compliment women on their profile. The problem is that men are so damn vague and generic that it gets them nowhere. Most people simply write, “I really like your profile” or they’ll write “Wow, you seem fun!”

Shocker, they don’t ever get laid taking that approach. I wonder why? LOL. Be more creative than that. Put your thinking cap on and try to increase your engagement with women.

Physical Traits

Now as far as physical traits go, these are some of the most common traits that men mention for women.

  • Fitness
  • Chest
  • Eyes
  • Legs
  • Face
  • Feet
  • Eyes
  • Hair

I personally suggest that you include a non-physical compliment along with a physical trait.

Don’t Focus On You

Whatever you do, when chatting it up with an older woman, you need to do your best to not talk about yourself. Instead, I suggest that you only focus on her. When she starts asking about you, then you can talk about yourself. Until then, I would suggest not talking about yourself.

Message For A Date

If you’re going to message a girl to go on a date, then you might want to ask if she’s down for sex. Don’t be too forward with this but assuming that she’s using Fuckbook or another super casual sex site, then you can ask this question. Feel free to entice her by offering a nice night at a hotel room, an upscale dinner at a steakhouse, and a foot massage or something. She’ll love that I’m sure!

That’s all I have for you with regards to messaging older women on dating sites. Take some of this information seriously and you’ll go far with your casual dating efforts.