How To Message And Meet Older Women Online


Whether you’re using a mainstream dating service or something more casual like this site, you can meet older women. Before doing so, you need to know how to message an older woman before you meet her. In fact, if you end up lost in this area, then you’re going to have a hard time hooking up with milfs, cougars, and other aged women online.

Having a better understanding of how to communication with women online puts you at a much better advantage for sure. It makes using any Internet dating websites that much easier too. If you want results, you need to make your experience easier for yourself.

As I expand on each of the communication tips below, I’d like for you to learn them and try to develop an understanding of how to best communicate with aged women.

Tips For Messaging Older Women

Tips For Messaging Older Women Online

Here are some tips that you need to know about if you want to successfully message older ladies online looking to fuck.

Time To Message

Did you know that the physical time is important when sending messages to women? The most common time to message is 7 pm at night. Sending messages at 5 am isn’t’ going to get you anywhere. You want to send them when the woman can take action.

What To Write

Did you know that most people just say “Hi” and that’s it, sad I know, in fact, 23% of guys stop there. That’s not going to get them anywhere doing that. There are roughly 15% of men that message older women that just say “How are you?” and that’s not going to cut it either.

If you want to do what most men do, then you’ll compliment women on their appearance. 31% of men out there compliment women on their appearance in messages. Of those 31%¬†over 50% give the standard compliment “you are hot” and I’m telling you right now, that’s not the best way to do it. You’ve got to be more specific with regards to the compliments. If you’re going to compliment anything, it’s best to write about her eyes, smile, and something that’s not too sexual.

Words Frequently Used

There are some common words that people are using when messaging mature women. Women are accustomed to seeing these words in messages below, so don’t be a basic AF person. Try to think outside the box, these words are commonly used and you might not want to use them if you wish to stick out.

  • Beautiful
  • Gorgeous
  • Pretty
  • Cute
  • Nice
  • Attractive
  • Misc
  • Sexy
  • Stunning

Profile Compliments

Did you know that 15% of women compliment women on their profile. The problem is that men are so damn vague and generic that it gets them nowhere. Most people simply write, “I really like your profile” or they’ll write “Wow, you seem fun!”

Shocker, they don’t ever get laid taking that approach. I wonder why? LOL. Be more creative than that. Put your thinking cap on and try to increase your engagement with women.

Physical Traits

Now as far as physical traits go, these are some of the most common traits that men mention for women.

  • Fitness
  • Chest
  • Eyes
  • Legs
  • Face
  • Feet
  • Eyes
  • Hair

I personally suggest that you include a non-physical compliment along with a physical trait.

Don’t Focus On You

Whatever you do, when chatting it up with an older woman, you need to do your best to not talk about yourself. Instead, I suggest that you only focus on her. When she starts asking about you, then you can talk about yourself. Until then, I would suggest not talking about yourself.

Message For A Date

If you’re going to message a girl to go on a date, then you might want to ask if she’s down for sex. Don’t be too forward with this but assuming that she’s using Fuckbook or another super casual sex site, then you can ask this question. Feel free to entice her by offering a nice night at a hotel room, an upscale dinner at a steakhouse, and a foot massage or something. She’ll love that I’m sure!

That’s all I have for you with regards to messaging older women on dating sites. Take some of this information seriously and you’ll go far with your casual dating efforts.