Backpage San Antonio Texas Girls (Why They Suck)


If you are from San Antonio or if you visit the area, before you try and meet any girls, you need to read this. Girls in San Antonio, Texas are among some of the most beautiful girls in the world. However, that does not mean that the girls you find in the San Antonio section of Backpage are necessarily going to be that great. For those unfamiliar, Backpage is a casual personals site that is set up like Craigslist. I’m going to tell you why this site truly sucks if you want to meet girls in the local area. I know it sounds strange but finding local sex without having to deal with these crappy girls is possible. However, let’s talk about the girls on this classifieds site first.

San Antonio Backpage Girls

Why Backpage San Antonio Girls Suck So Much

Here’s a quick rundown to share why I stay away from the San Antonio girls advertising on the site. But first, let me explain what it’s all about. It’s an online site where people post in multiple sections like Local Places, Buy/Sell/Trade, Real Estate, and Dating. Within the Dating section are a few subsections that exist. The  Women>Men and Men>Women subsections are a cluttered mess of desperation and disappointment. The women you find there do not represent the best of what you can find in the area. Trust me, most are straight up hoes that I wouldn’t bang for free let alone pay for sex.

Better Than Strip Clubs

Many of the girls on Backpage are what we refer to as call girls aka escorts. They offer companionship, and sometimes more, for a price. These posts make up roughly half of the daily listings. Much of it is concealed prostitution and the girls are usually not the best-looking unless you are willing to pay top dollar. Trust me, that’s not even the worst of it. These escorts are not even individual women. They are most often part of several postings that a company will put up complete with pictures and even videos at times. Meanwhile, the pictures aren’t even authentic and they send you someone completely different. You’ll see a photo of a hot San Antonio girl thinking that you’re getting some supermodel, then a fat sloppy looking crackhead shows up to give you some loving. If you think a crackhead is down for some “Netflix and chill” time, you’re wrong. All they care about is money.

Another drawback of the San Antonio section of Backpage is the clutter. You can’t tell which post to click on because they’re all jumbled together with a lot of confusing wording and sloppy titles. Emoji and all caps filled postings fill up page after page of listings trying to get your attention. At least this makes it easier to see that this is not the best spot to find girls. This site might be useful to find a cheap lawn mower or stereo system, but it is not the best place to find a hookup.

backpage san antonio ad example

Sample ad from a local San Antonio Backpage girl.

When you scroll down each page, you will see another sign of bogus listings. Repeat postings with the same pattern of emoji’s and wording begin to become noticeable showing you proof that many companies will put up multiple listings to draw people to their service. You learn to look past these postings as you continue to scroll and you soon realize that there is not much left to look at. Very few girls that you find in this section will be real. An authentic experience with a girl you meet here is rare.

An authentic experience in the dating section of the San Antonio Backpage is rare, but it’s possible. However, I would try this site instead before doing anything. Before you try it, you must think about your chances of hooking up with a hot girl that you like. Even the girls that are real are not the classiest girls in the world. Think about it. A girl that you are likely to be attracted to is not going to be advertising herself in free online personals. The hottest girls are out at the bars and clubs. If they do look for hookups online, it’s with apps like Tinder and quality online dating sites. I promise that you’re not going to find any girl looking like one of the Kardashian sisters. Most of them are so fucking gross. The Backpage method of finding someone to hook up with does not get the best results.

Better Than Strip Clubs