Best Bars To Meet Girls In El Paso, TX


If you want to find a city that is brimming with gorgeous women looking to hookup, look no further than El Paso, Texas. This is a large city with a lot of people. The majority of that population is female and they like to bang. Thanks to the high number of young ladies in the city, the dating scene can be very exciting if you know which bars and clubs to go to. Not to mention, some of these ladies are very much into the swinglifestyle and everything that comes with it! I can’t say enough great things about the girls into that stuff either. To be honest, not really sure where to even begin with that. At any rate, I’ll give you my take on the hottest bars to meet horny chicks in El Paso!

Best Bars In El Paso Tx To Meet Girls

Inside the Hoppy Monk bar in El Paso, TX

Top Ten List Of Awesome El Paso Bars To Meet Hot Girls

Below are some suggestions on some local bars where you can find some of the finest single ladies in El Paso, TX. Whether you give one or all of them a shot, you’d be a fool to not try any of them.

  1. Teddy’s Night Club – This El Paso club is a longtime destination for tourists looking to party. They have Salsa dancing and live bands to keep the scene vibrant and there is never a shortage of pretty ladies. I’ve actually gone home with a girl that I met at this nightclub. Yes, I ended up having sex with her. It was blurry but nevertheless, I got my jimmy wet.
  2. Club 101 – Come here for a nice mix of music from the 80’s and 90’s. If you’re looking to connect with a mature milf or two, then you might find them here. This spot draws women from of a wide range of ages from young college girls to horny older cougars. Friday nights are jammed because ladies get in for free.
  3. The Stampede – This is one of the many cowboy bars in Texas, but it is one of the most popular in El Paso for sure. They play country music as well as hip-hop and party music. This bar has a free night for the ladies as well, but this one is on Thursday nights. I like getting drunk (even though I say not to) on Thursday, it primes me just right for Friday night fun!
  4. Erin’s Bar and Grill – The best part of this karaoke bar is the covered patio that gives it a great party vibe. They play a good assortment of music on the patio and have a nice selection of karaoke tunes as well. Groups of hot girls love to come in and sing karaoke with their friends.
  5. Eloise – This restaurant and bar has a nice European-inspired atmosphere and specializes in healthy dishes. Local women with class and killer bodies frequent this classy establishment for a casual meal with drinks at the bar. It’s also a nice place to take a date out for fine dining in the dining room.
  6. Blackbird Cantina Deluxe – This popular beer garden is known for its selection of great beers and great music. It has a charming old fashioned atmosphere and cheap drinks. They are also known for their excellent service.
  7. The Hoppy Monk – This beer garden and cocktail bar have a huge selection of draft beers. The food is awesome too. In fact, I think it’s the food that keeps people coming back again and again, especially hot women. Use your Fuckbook app here if you use it anywhere.
  8. Hope and Anchor – I love this place. It’s a bar with a great vibe and a nice view of the Franklin mountains. The way it’s lit and decorated and the location makes it a perfect place to strike up a conversation with a cute girl.
  9. King’s X Bar – This spot is a really cool neighborhood bar that has been open since 1963. It’s got with karaoke, live music, and assorted events that take place on the regular. A must see for those that have never been.
  10. Blu – Enjoy great music from DJ’s and live bands and they even have professional dancers performing on stage to keep up the level of excitement and sexuality. No cover for women on Saturday nights ensures a high number of stunning single females.

Now, if you’re only in town for a couple of days, then you’ll want to try at least two or three of these places. When you do, have your mobile phone ready to chat with patrons. Connect with them online then approach them after the fact. Trust me, it’ll give you a solid head start!