Avoid All Sex Workers At All Costs


I’ll be the first person to admit to doing something, especially when it involves sex. I’ve hooked up with sex workers and since I’ve done so, I can confidently tell you why avoiding all sex workers is the best thing that you can possibly do for yourself and your wallet. To be honest, I can’t recommend any other dating site other than this site here if you want to get laid. What I will do is tell you why I avoid sex workers all the time.

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Sex Workers Suck Big Time And You Need To Avoid Them!

Here are a few reasons why I avoid sex workers at all costs and why you should do the same. There are literally thousands of reasons why you should avoid these workers. What I can say is that I’ve fucked Houston escorts and doing so has made me realize why dating sites are so much more effective than hiring girls for sex. Find out why now…

Sex Workers Are Gross
The girls that parade around the streets as sex workers are pretty disgusting. They don’t take care of themselves and they’ve likely fucked 10 dudes by the time you fuck them. After all, they work for money and they fuck for cash. How does fucking a girl after 10 guys sound? Well, you’ll be fucking gross sex workers unless you join a dating site that’s geared to get you laid.

They Are Drug Addicts
Most sex workers are drug addicts that aren’t afraid to rob you blind. There’s a reason that they sell their bodies for sex. I hate to break the news to you but it’s not because they are absolutely beautiful and get millions of dollars for selling their bodies. It’s because they have addiction issues and they need to feed a drug addiction. Not all of them but most of the girls.

Sex Workers Will Get You In Trouble
What’s more embarrassing than getting caught having sex with a sex worker? Honestly, nothing at all is more embarrassing than that. When you get in trouble, your picture ends up in the local newspaper and it’s one of the most troubling things that you’ll ever encounter if you do get in trouble. I’ll never ever pay for sex again because I’ve had a few friends get in trouble for doing so.

It’s Expensive
Sex workers are expensive and you’re not getting what you pay for. In fact, you might be getting much more than your paying for and not in a good way. You could be getting diseases, legal issues and even robbed at gunpoint.

These four reasons are plenty to deter you from hiring sex workers to fuck you. I strongly advise against hiring these working girls. If you want to fuck a local girl just connect with her using a dating site that gets you laid.