Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller Are Not Dating


I’m a huge Ben Affleck fan and I’ve been following his career for years. I wanted to join the ranks of others that are pro-Ben and help him set the media straight with all these dating rumors. For starters, he is not dating Sienna Miller! I’ll go much further into this, just keep reading.

ben affleck dating

Credit: Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller Filming.

Media Companies, Leave Affleck Alone!

Many of you probably know that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner recently split after rumor of Ben hooking up with their nanny. None of this was ever confirmed to be 100% true. The only thing that was released and confirmed is the fact that “Bennifer” is officially over and according to my source, there are many dating rumors that are just that…rumors and they need to be addressed.

I’m not here to sound like a gossiping little high school girl, I’m just sick and tired of people throwing Ben Affleck under the bus for splitting up with Jennifer Garner. As for the rumors and speculation of him dating Sienna Miller, it’s not true. Nor are the rumors that he’s dating Kate Beckinsale or most recently, the rumor about him hooking up with Halle Berry. The truth be told is that Garner and Affleck are planning on spending the holidays together with their kids and that’s the focus.

Now, as for Ben him actually having the skills to find women to bang, I’m sure that he has no problem! Linings up a booty call to get laid is literally the least of his worries I bet. However, If I were him, I’d just spend my time going on fuck book dates to skip all the bullshit and just hook up. That’s definitely what any typical Bostonian would and should do, because they’re wicked smart and know how to get things done!