Is Chris Evans Dating or Fucking Jenny Slate? Or Perhaps Doing Both?


Hey there! I’ve got some serious bedroom gossip for you today. This one involves a couple of hot celebs that have found their way into each other’s bedrooms for some hot sex. Well, at least that’s what I’m guessing is going down here. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are officially dating each other. If you don’t know who Chris Evans is, he is Captain America. You know, the Marvel character that hot moms get wet panties for when they take field trips to the movies. You guessed it! Well, when Captain America isn’t busy making local girls pussies drip, he’s spending time with sexy comedian Jenny Slate.  These aren’t the first celebs I’ve reported to hookup though. Remember I told you about Monica and Chandler? What about rapper Future and those slutty twins? You know I know my celeb gossip!

Chris Evans Dating Jenny Slate

Credit: Left, by Alli Harvey; Right, by Mike Marsland/WireImage (Getty Images)

Who is Jenny Slate?

Most people don’t have a fucking clue who Jenny Slate is. That’s likely because she’s just not that popular, yet. She appeared in the hit show Girls and she’s recently divorced (after being married for four years). She’s a co-star in the film Gifted, where she stars with her new boyfriend Chris. I wonder if she’s admiring Chris for his Captain America muscles or perhaps for his love muscle!

Will these two last? I have no idea whether they will actually make it in the tough celeb dating world that we live in today. Who the fuck cares really, though. The important thing is that these two got together, went on dates and that they hopefully both now get laid on the regular since they are an item.

I’ve never personally dated any famous actress but I can safely say that I’ve had sex with a few look-alikes that I met on FuckBook. Spending so much time using dating sites and with the number of new people joining daily, you’re bound to run into someone that looks like a famous person. If they live nearby, I say send them a message and try to fuck them. There’s nothing better than famous sex. Just do it and thank me later. As for Captain America and Jenny Slate, you two have fun fucking one another.

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Rapper Future Dating Super Hot Double Dose Twins


I’m a huge fan of the rapper Future. I’ve even seen him in concert and the show was fire! This guy is a boss when it comes to scoring hot women too. Turns out Future, who is Ciara’s baby daddy, is no longer interested in Ciara and anything that she has to offer. He’s moved on to bigger and more bad booty that’s twice the fun! These girls are known as the Double Dose Twins.

According to a recent article that was published, Future met two smoking hot girls in a club one night and he’s been hooked ever since. These girls are considered to be Instagram models and they are known as The Double Dose Twins. These girls spend time in front of cameras clapping their booty and rubbing oil all over each other.

Let me tell you, these girls have some serious curves too. They were actually spotted hanging out on South Beach in Miami about a week ago and they were looking fly as fuck! These girls don’t play when it comes to money and getting some D! There’s a good chance that you might find one of these sisters lurking around the Fuckbook members area.

They like to party…

They like to show off their asses…

They like money…

I wonder if they like to FUCK!

Why am I telling you this? Well, for starters, I love hooking up with sexy big tit latina babes as well as ebony hotties. I’m just a normal white dude that like to stick his dick in something other than the same old white booty girl every one in a while.

If you want to meet girls like these twins then you should probably check out some of the girls on this site. The other option is for you to keep trolling these two girls and their IG account, but that’s not going to get you laid. I can promise you that.

To celebrate Future and his success at tapping those bubble butt babes, here’s my favorite video for you to enjoy.

Friends Cast Members Monica and Chandler Dating?


We all used to watch Friends right? Of course, we did. When you think about it, we probably have spent hundreds of hours with the Friends cast over the years and now we have something else to talk about on a couple of the cast of Friends, Monica, and Chandler Bing.

friends cast

Photo Credit: Getty (Monica and Chandler from Friends)

Are These Friends Cast Members Now Fuck Friends?

I normally don’t write about TV show cast members, but in this case, I have to do so because I was such a huge fan or these two Friends stars, Monica and Chandler. There’s talk about them both being close, actually so close that they may even be hooking up with each other. The original source stated that Courteney Cox and Mattew Perry were in a casual relationship after Ms. Cox’s recent break-up.

However, if you’ve been waiting for this to happen, you’re likely going to have to wait a bit more. Recent sources at ETOnline have shared that these rumors are in fact just that. They are rumors, period! Although we’d all love to see these two get together, we’re not going to see it happen just yet. I personally love having friends with benefits that I can have sex with. That’s basically what I consider all my fuck book friends to be. I’m not ever going to date them long-term, just have sex and probably call for a hook up from time to time. I’d encourage you to do the same using my favorite hookup site, if you want to live a better life. Here’s why, there are thousands of single individuals looking to have sex with someone new. You’re that new person that they are looking to connect with

Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller Are Not Dating


I’m a huge Ben Affleck fan and I’ve been following his career for years. I wanted to join the ranks of others that are pro-Ben and help him set the media straight with all these dating rumors. For starters, he is not dating Sienna Miller! I’ll go much further into this, just keep reading.

ben affleck dating

Credit: Ben Affleck and Sienna Miller Filming.

Media Companies, Leave Affleck Alone!

Many of you probably know that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner recently split after rumor of Ben hooking up with their nanny. None of this was ever confirmed to be 100% true. The only thing that was released and confirmed is the fact that “Bennifer” is officially over and according to my source, there are many dating rumors that are just that…rumors and they need to be addressed.

I’m not here to sound like a gossiping little high school girl, I’m just sick and tired of people throwing Ben Affleck under the bus for splitting up with Jennifer Garner. As for the rumors and speculation of him dating Sienna Miller, it’s not true. Nor are the rumors that he’s dating Kate Beckinsale or most recently, the rumor about him hooking up with Halle Berry. The truth be told is that Garner and Affleck are planning on spending the holidays together with their kids and that’s the focus.

Now, as for Ben him actually having the skills to find women to bang, I’m sure that he has no problem! Linings up a booty call to get laid is literally the least of his worries I bet. However, If I were him, I’d just spend my time going on fuck book dates to skip all the bullshit and just hook up. That’s definitely what any typical Bostonian would and should do, because they’re wicked smart and know how to get things done!

Kylie Jenner A$AP Rocky Dating Now?


The famous sexy fasion model Kylie Jenner let everyone know that she was over and done with rapper Tyga. She even did it all on his birthday. Kylie may have moved on relatively quickly because she might be dating A$AP Rocky already!

kylie jenner asap rocky

Credit: TMZ

Just because Kylie Jenner missed Tyga’s party at a club, doesn’t mean she wasn’t at one. According to my source at TMZ, Kylie Jenner was recently spotted at a club with A$AP Rocky and Justin Bieber. They were apparently all hanging out at The Nice Guy and supposedly she hooked up with A$AP. Kylie broke up with Tyga and moved on really quick!

Will she get with A$AP and forget about Tyga altogether? I really don’t know where this is going or if it’s related to some payback efforts for something Tyga may have done to Kylie. What I can say is that Kylie Jenner can most definitely hook up with anyone she wants. I’d really like to see her join a fuck book dating site, but there’s a good chance she has no problem getting anyone to bang her, even A$AP Rocky.

Why Is Kylie Getting So Much Exposure?

I’ve been trying to figure out why Kylie Jenner has been getting so much exposure lately. Other than the fact that Kylie is the hottest Victoria’s Secret fashion model on the planet. She’s also the sexy younger sister of Kim Kardashian, the girl with the most famous ass in America! Not only that but her other sister is Khloe Kardashian and she’s been in the spotlight lately for her husband Lamar Odom and his partying antics that put him in a life-threatening situation.

Should Kylie Stay Single?

Should Kylie stop focusing on her dating life and instead stay single for a period of time? I’d personally have to say yes! It would be in Kylie’s best interest to try and stay single for as long as possible. She doesn’t need someone to help push her career and she doesn’t need money. What she does need is to just focus on Kylie to keep things going in the right direction. In the meantime, if she wants to get some dick, she can find it online!