Friends Cast Members Monica and Chandler Dating?


We all used to watch Friends right? Of course, we did. When you think about it, we probably have spent hundreds of hours with the Friends cast over the years and now we have something else to talk about on a couple of the cast of Friends, Monica, and Chandler Bing.

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Photo Credit: Getty (Monica and Chandler from Friends)

Are These Friends Cast Members Now Fuck Friends?

I normally don’t write about TV show cast members, but in this case, I have to do so because I was such a huge fan or these two Friends stars, Monica and Chandler. There’s talk about them both being close, actually so close that they may even be hooking up with each other. The original source stated that Courteney Cox and Mattew Perry were in a casual relationship after Ms. Cox’s recent break-up.

However, if you’ve been waiting for this to happen, you’re likely going to have to wait a bit more. Recent sources at ETOnline have shared that these rumors are in fact just that. They are rumors, period! Although we’d all love to see these two get together, we’re not going to see it happen just yet. I personally love having friends with benefits that I can have sex with. That’s basically what I consider all my fuck book friends to be. I’m not ever going to date them long-term, just have sex and probably call for a hook up from time to time. I’d encourage you to do the same using my favorite hookup site, if you want to live a better life. Here’s why, there are thousands of single individuals looking to have sex with someone new. You’re that new person that they are looking to connect with