Rapper Future Dating Super Hot Double Dose Twins


I’m a huge fan of the rapper Future. I’ve even seen him in concert and the show was fire! This guy is a boss when it comes to scoring hot women too. Turns out Future, who is Ciara’s baby daddy, is no longer interested in Ciara and anything that she has to offer. He’s moved on to bigger and more bad booty that’s twice the fun! These girls are known as the Double Dose Twins.

According to a recent article that was published, Future met two smoking hot girls in a club one night and he’s been hooked ever since. These girls are considered to be Instagram models and they are known as The Double Dose Twins. These girls spend time in front of cameras clapping their booty and rubbing oil all over each other.

Let me tell you, these girls have some serious curves too. They were actually spotted hanging out on South Beach in Miami about a week ago and they were looking fly as fuck! These girls don’t play when it comes to money and getting some D! There’s a good chance that you might find one of these sisters lurking around the Fuckbook members area.

They like to party…

They like to show off their asses…

They like money…

I wonder if they like to FUCK!

Why am I telling you this? Well, for starters, I love hooking up with sexy big tit latina babes as well as ebony hotties. I’m just a normal white dude that like to stick his dick in something other than the same old white booty girl every one in a while.

If you want to meet girls like these twins then you should probably check out some of the girls on this site. The other option is for you to keep trolling these two girls and their IG account, but that’s not going to get you laid. I can promise you that.

To celebrate Future and his success at tapping those bubble butt babes, here’s my favorite video for you to enjoy.