Kylie Jenner A$AP Rocky Dating Now?


The famous sexy fasion model Kylie Jenner let everyone know that she was over and done with rapper Tyga. She even did it all on his birthday. Kylie may have moved on relatively quickly because she might be dating A$AP Rocky already!

kylie jenner asap rocky

Credit: TMZ

Just because Kylie Jenner missed Tyga’s party at a club, doesn’t mean she wasn’t at one. According to my source at TMZ, Kylie Jenner was recently spotted at a club with A$AP Rocky and Justin Bieber. They were apparently all hanging out at The Nice Guy and supposedly she hooked up with A$AP. Kylie broke up with Tyga and moved on really quick!

Will she get with A$AP and forget about Tyga altogether? I really don’t know where this is going or if it’s related to some payback efforts for something Tyga may have done to Kylie. What I can say is that Kylie Jenner can most definitely hook up with anyone she wants. I’d really like to see her join a fuck book dating site, but there’s a good chance she has no problem getting anyone to bang her, even A$AP Rocky.

Why Is Kylie Getting So Much Exposure?

I’ve been trying to figure out why Kylie Jenner has been getting so much exposure lately. Other than the fact that Kylie is the hottest Victoria’s Secret fashion model on the planet. She’s also the sexy younger sister of Kim Kardashian, the girl with the most famous ass in America! Not only that but her other sister is Khloe Kardashian and she’s been in the spotlight lately for her husband Lamar Odom and his partying antics that put him in a life-threatening situation.

Should Kylie Stay Single?

Should Kylie stop focusing on her dating life and instead stay single for a period of time? I’d personally have to say yes! It would be in Kylie’s best interest to try and stay single for as long as possible. She doesn’t need someone to help push her career and she doesn’t need money. What she does need is to just focus on Kylie to keep things going in the right direction. In the meantime, if she wants to get some dick, she can find it online!