Is Chris Evans Dating or Fucking Jenny Slate? Or Perhaps Doing Both?


Hey there! I’ve got some serious bedroom gossip for you today. This one involves a couple of hot celebs that have found their way into each other’s bedrooms for some hot sex. Well, at least that’s what I’m guessing is going down here. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are officially dating each other. If you don’t know who Chris Evans is, he is Captain America. You know, the Marvel character that hot moms get wet panties for when they take field trips to the movies. You guessed it! Well, when Captain America isn’t busy making local girls pussies drip, he’s spending time with sexy comedian Jenny Slate. ┬áThese aren’t the first celebs I’ve reported to hookup though. Remember I told you about Monica and Chandler? What about rapper Future and those slutty twins? You know I know my celeb gossip!

Chris Evans Dating Jenny Slate

Credit: Left, by Alli Harvey; Right, by Mike Marsland/WireImage (Getty Images)

Who is Jenny Slate?

Most people don’t have a fucking clue who Jenny Slate is. That’s likely because she’s just not that popular, yet. She appeared in the hit show Girls and she’s recently divorced (after being married for four years). She’s a co-star in the film Gifted, where she stars with her new boyfriend Chris. I wonder if she’s admiring Chris for his Captain America muscles or perhaps for his love muscle!

Will these two last? I have no idea whether they will actually make it in the tough celeb dating world that we live in today. Who the fuck cares really, though. The important thing is that these two got together, went on dates and that they hopefully both now get laid on the regular since they are an item.

I’ve never personally dated any famous actress but I can safely say that I’ve had sex with a few look-alikes that I met on FuckBook. Spending so much time using dating sites and with the number of new people joining daily, you’re bound to run into someone that looks like a famous person. If they live nearby, I say send them a message and try to fuck them. There’s nothing better than famous sex. Just do it and thank me later. As for Captain America and Jenny Slate, you two have fun fucking one another.

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