Charlie Sheen Announces He’s HIV Positive on Today Show


Could it really be true? Is Charlie Sheen really HIV positive and if so, how did he get it? Two and a Half Men actor, Charlie Sheen met with Matt Lauer this morning on the Today Show and he’s announced his status live on the air. Want to know what Charlie Sheen had to say? I suggest you keep reading then.

charlie sheen hiv positive

Charlie Sheen HIV Positive

I was watching the news after spending an hour at the gym this morning doing cardio and trying to get lean and fit. Now, if you didn’t know, I’m a huge Charlie Sheen fan. He’s done things that most guys dream about doing and he lives a lifestyle that so many bachelors would literally give up their own lives to live. Now, it seems like it’s possible that Charlie’s reckless behavior may have caught up with him. Charlie announced to Matt Lauer on the Today Show┬áthat he, in fact, does have the HIV virus.

I’m not writing this because my views on using casual dating sites like Fuckbook have changed. In fact, nothing at all has changed one bit. I still believe in using casual dating networks to find people to hook up with. What’s important though is the use of protection. I’m a big advocate of protecting yourself as well as others that you have sex with and it goes without saying that you need to be cautious when being sexually active with multiple partners. Now that said, the good news is that no one wants to contract the HIV virus and most people on these dating sites are extra cautious. In fact, they may be even more cautious than someone that you might meet at a bar or out on the town.

Now, the most important thing for Charlie Sheen to do to stay positive and keep searching for a cure to stay healthy. What we all need to learn from this whole statement is that life does go on even after you’ve contracted the HIV virus and most importantly, it’s extremely important that everyone work together to protect themselves and keep healthy! Charlie is no longer the coke snorting, sex machine. Instead, he’s an advocate for protecting yourself and not leading a reckless life.