Sex Bucket List For College Students Abroad


Traveling abroad during your college years is awesome. If you never had the opportunity to live in another country, then you missed out big time. The best part of all this is the sex! I put together a sex bucket list that should guide any college student that’s spending time abroad.

sex bucket list

Walk of Shame Local
If you’re abroad then your first task should be to put yourself in a situation that forces you to go on the walk of shame. That means that you had a blast, got laid, stayed a little too late and walked home. Make it happen.

Sex on a Plane
Why not get started on your way? Yes, I’m talking having sex on the plane. This is no easy task, especially if you don’t have a partner lined up to do this with. I can tell you that it’s pretty damn awesome though and in the event that you pull this one off, I’d be willing to give you a high five for joining the mile-high club.

Local Beach
The beaches abroad are absolutely gorgeous, so why not try your best at hooking up with someone on the beach! I banged a girl on a beach once. It’s a bit challenging if there’s a ton of wind, but it’s definitely fun. Go for it.

In a Club
We’ve all somewhat hooked up in the club in the United States, right? Take that action overseas and get lucky in the club. I’ve never had sex in a club but a blowjob in the bathroom sounds fantastic as well. I’ll take either.

Local Historical Spot
You’ll never forget the Eiffel Tower if you get laid in it right? Of course, you won’t! It’s a known fact that local historical spots are known for being hot hookup locations just due to the popularity of the area.

Now, I had to include this one for those backpacking through Europe. If you’re on a mission to find yourself in Europe, why not try and find some booty in the hostel as well?

This is a short but challenging sex bucket list. It’s not the easiest task to accomplish but if you’re overseas and you’re able to do so, you’re going to enrich your life and the lives of others. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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