Adult Dating Cheat Sheet


This might be the most important dating article you read this week if not today. Do you ever wish that you had a cheat sheet that you could reference or use in preparation for your casual date. So did I! That’s why I created one. This is the essential dating cheat sheet that you need to review in preparation for a meet and fuck or whatever type of date you have lined up.

adult dating cheat sheet

Essential “Go To” Cheat Sheet For Adult Dating

Here’s the essential rundown of everything you need to know or remember when it comes to casual dating. I’d suggest  you bookmark this page (or our home page so you have the whole site bookmarked) and keep it close for future reference!

Choose The Perfect Place

I had to start with the researching the perfect place for your local date. There’s nothing worse than going on a date and having a bad experience because of the location. You must choose wisely, especially if you want to get laid that night. You need to do your homework and determine what your date likes. If you see on her Fuckbook profile that she doesn’t like Mexican food, well, don’t take her for margaritas. It’s a no brainer.

Clean Your House and Car

Nobody wants to have sex with a slob. If your house is a pig pen and so is your car, then it’s a direct reflection on the way you carry yourself. Old grubby things and untidiness is a surefire way to not get laid. Do yourself a favor and clean it up!

Don’t Forget The Details

When you’re out on your date, you must take care to recognize her details. That means to comment on her beauty and notice things about her (without being too creepy). You also need to act like a gentlemen with her. Remember to open doors and let her order first. You have to always remember that it’s not about you here. It’s all about her.

Keep It Unique

Always remember to keep it unique. Your date has been to more than enough bars and restaurants. More than she can even count on her hand. I’d highly suggest finding a unique spot to meet up for your date. It’ll make the occasion that much more memorable.

Toast During The Date

If you’re drinking, then you must toast and don’t toast to something cheesy or long term sounding either. Instead, make it spontaneous sounding and authentic. Use your best judgement when decided what to cheers about. “Here’s to a nice night” always seems to work if you get stuck in a rut.

Ask Questions

Remember to ask questions about your date and take a true interest in her likes and dislikes. If you do, she’ll be more inclined to open up to you and hopefully open her legs up as well. Just be sure to not ask about her past relationships or anything relationship related period.

Don’t Eat or Drink Too Much

What happens when you over indulge? Right, you get sluggish and tired. You’re objective is not to get full and pass out drunk. It’s to get laid. That said, be sure not to eat or drink too much or you’ll surely not get lucky.  In fact, women hate it when men over eat and drink. They think it’s disgusting so I’m serious, do not over do it. Focus on the sex instead.

Kiss and More

If you want to get your D wet then you need to start with a kiss. Your number one objective is to get a kiss because that’s where it all starts. If you can do so before the end of the date, even better! That means you’re even more likely to get laid if so.

Look In Her Eyes

Stop looking at her boobs and look into her eyes instead. It’s far more attractive to a woman if you really gaze into her eyes rather than looking her up and down. This is because it makes her feel more comfortable and far sexier.

That’s the cheat sheet I’ve put together for you. If you have any questions or concerns please send me a message and I’ll address it. If you think I’ve left anything essential off the list, let me know and I’ll add it! Thanks!