How To Pick Up Hot Older Women


There are times during the month where I prefer hooking up with hot older women. I use the ever trusty fuck book dating site in order to connect with mature women. However, because there is such a demand for hot mature women, guys like you and me need to put in some extra effort if we want to fuck. I can honestly say that having sex with a cougar or milf that I meet online is a great feeling. One that I would compare to hitting my daily numbers that I play at the local 7-Eleven.

Actually, it’s even better than that. Older women know how to fuck and I always leave a hookup date a little more educated. The problem is that you need to know how to pick them up. That’s step one before you can have sex with them. Fear not, I’m going to give you some pointers that should help you score more mature horny women.

hot older women

Tips To Help You Pick Up Hot Older Women For Sex

These mature cougars aren’t easy to score at the local bar. You need to use the site that I’ve recommended in order to make at first connection with some hot older women in your area. I always suggest that you use your dating app 24/7 and that you have it open and running every single time you walk into a bar or restaurant. In fact, you may want to just keep it running on your mobile phone all day long. That will give you an idea of which women surrounding you are truly looking for sex. If they are a Fuckbook member then chances are they want to find someone to fuck. That right there will give you a leg up for sure.

Okay, now that I’ve established that, I can get into the nitty gritty. The best place to meet sexy older single women is to spend time at the bar of a high-end steakhouse or restaurant. Single mature women (including MILFs) hang out at bars like this. Look for women that are dressed provocatively but somewhat professional. I’m talking about being on the lookout for hot older women showing off their legs in tight skirts and heels. I find that those that dress for success have more sex. Remember that you need to be using the site I’ve recommended the entire time you are at the bar. Now you have the location, dating app, and you know what to look for.

The next step is talking to them. Here’s what you need to know. Older women have some sort of radar that allows them to spot a complete idiot from a mile away. That said, don’t be a fucking idiot. That means dress nice, wear a nice watch and shoes. Once you get a chance to get close to them the key is to say the right things. Be sure to make eye contact with any hot older woman that you come in contact with and always smile if you like what you see. This first contact is crucial because it sets the tone for a potential fuck date. If you look angry, upset or confused you are not getting laid.

Now it’s time to go in to seal the deal. At this point, you should be having a somewhat intellectual conversation with a hot older woman at a nice restaurant. She’s probably had a couple of martinis and she’s looking to talk about something exciting. I suggest you do your best to try and stay on exciting topics and make it seem like you’re very interested in her outfit and what she likes. Flirt with this woman any chance you get. Your objective is to try and get her to go somewhere else for another drink. I suggest trying to get her to a hotel bar for a nightcap. At that point, it’s game on!

Now, if the woman you’re connecting with is a member of the dating site I’ve recommended then it’s almost a guarantee that you will be able to fuck her. All you need to do is treat her with respect and make her feel super sexy. You’ll have her skirt lifted up and her legs spread in no time!