Rules For Hooking Up With Supermodels On Fuckbook


If you’re anything like me, then you enjoy using dating sites like Fuckbook to try and get laid. You are also probably extremely attracted to the hottest girls on the website right? Of course, you are. So am I! Well, there are certain rules that you need to know about hooking up with supermodels on fuck book and other sex sites of this nature. I’m going to give you the rundown of the rules.

dating supermodels on fuckbook

Rules For Dating Supermodels on Fuckbook Dating Sites

I’ll keep this as straight to the point as possible and just cut to the chase here! If having sex with a girl that has supermodel like qualities is on your so-called hook up bucket list then you need to understand these things!

Don’t Ask About Their Past
The most important rule when dating a sexy supermodel type girl on Fuckbook is that you don’t ask her about her past. Don’t even think about it! Not even for a second. Don’t ask her about her boyfriends, previous dates or anything. That’s none of your business and if she thinks you’re trying to find something out then you’re not getting laid.

Focus On Her
When you’re on a date or meetup with a super hot girl that you met online, you never want to give her the impression that you’re not 100% vested in her and the current situtaion. Supermodels want all the attention and if she thinks for a second that you’re not giving it to her then you’re in trouble mister!

Be An Uber Gentlemen
You must be an uber gentleman and no I’m not referring to the car service. I’m saying you must be the most polite and respectful door opening gentleman you can possbily be. Even if you’re just trying to fuck this girl, you want her to know that she’s the main event and that you’re there for her only. Make her number one and she’ll open her legs quicker.

Keep Your Phone Away
When you’re out with a hot girl that you met online, it’s best to keep your phone put away and on silent while you’re with her. If you slip up and start getting uncontrollable text messages from some other girls you can kiss your booty call chance goodbye.

Meet In A Nice Place
Supermodels like to be seen and they want to be treated like gold. Taking a smoking hot supermodel to a dive bar that you wouldn’t even use the bathroom at isn’t going to get you laid. I’d suggest that you spend your time finding a nice place to take this lovely girl if you want to have sex with her that night.

Those are my basic suggestions if you want to hookup with supermodels on fuckbook and other booty call sites. Just do as I say and you’ll be fine. Trust me on that!

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