Use Netflix and Chill To Get You Laid


For quite some time now I’ve been using this little tactic in order to get and it involves both Netflix and for more proper terminology, spending time with someone. Now, this tactic is pretty much a proven winner if you’re trying to get lucky with a girl you’ve recently met on any of the sex date sites that exist out there. I typically use the “Netflix and chill” line at least once or twice a week and low and behold it works. ┬áBut before I get into how I go about using it, let me explain it a bit more.

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Does Netflix and Chill Actually Work?

For those of you that may not know what the term, “Netflix and Chill” means, I’m going to share it with you. According to the site, PopSugar, the saying, “watch netflix and chill” became popular recently and it’s basically code that primarily guys would use in order to get a girl to come over there house. The objective was to get a cute girl back to their house or apartment, put on Netflix and hook up during a show. This is pretty typical but never had a proper name until recent. Now it seems like Netflix is code for banging and it sure as hell works well! Don’t take my word for it though. Instead, I’d suggest you try it out yourself to see just how effective it really can be. Here’s how I use it…

netflix and chill

Since I tend to use more than most dating sites, I’ll share with you exactly what I do in order to get laid using this code. First off, it’s a well-known fact that this code works best during the work week. That’s because many people want to make the best of their weekend and actually venture out on the town versus head to someone’s house for some fun on a Friday or Saturday night. That said, I’d suggest you start using this approach on Monday. What I first typically do is begin messaging or starting a chat conversation with some of the girls on the site and begin to flirt online with each one of them. I would wait until we were deep into a conversation before making the move to ask her to hang out. Once the timing is right, I’ll then casually ask the girl if she wants to come over to watch Netflix and chill. Most girls either know what that means or they don’t and they are soon to find out once they arrive!

It’s really that simple. Now, since it’s only Wednesday, you have time to try out this tactic. I suggest you get out there and try to get laid using this approach.

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