The Best Strip Clubs in Dallas (My Personal Rankings)


In Dallas, everyone has a tendency to go big! Many of the people have big egos. Many of the ladies have big hair and the guys have big hats. And they have a tendency to suffer some of the biggest sports losses in history. One thing that guys are absolutely going to love is that they also happen to do strip clubs big.

They did invent breast implants in Dallas after all. So it shouldn’t come as a major surprise to anyone that the ladies in Dallas like to show off their goods!

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or you plan to visit at some point in the near future, you should check out our favorite top seven ranked strip clubs if you happen to be in the mood. Whatever you do, you never want to hire escorts as an alternative. It’s a terrible idea. I hired escorts in Houston and it was a huge mistake for all the reasons I’ve shared in this post here.  Now I just use dating sites or I go to strip clubs like those listed below.

Below are my favorites and I’ve ranked them in order for those specifically located in the Dallas, Texas area.

Best Strip Clubs In Dallas Texas

Picture of Main Room at The Lodge in Dallas, TX.

Top 7 Ranked Strip Clubs in Dallas Texas

This personal list is what I would consider the best of the best. It’s nothing but the real deal when it comes to Dallas strip clubs. I’ve been to more strip clubs in Dallas than any person that you know. I would be willing to be $1,000 on that statement! Having spent over $5,000 over a short period of time, I know which clubs allow you to touch, fuck, and do everything in between. Here’s the nitty gritty…

Better Than Strip Clubs

  1. The Lodge – this is our all-time favorite strip club in Dallas, Texas. It is located on Harry Hines Boulevard and the club itself is truly an authentic gentlemen’s club, to say the least. It has half naked beautiful women prancing around and doing their thing. But our all-time favorite thing about this place is that it has a great ambience as well as incredibly attractive women. Remember, they aren’t sex workers, they are professional dancers that get nude for money. However, almost any girl will fuck for the  right amount of money and the Lodge is no different. The VIP lounge upstairs was modeled after the movie Casablanca. It looks exactly like Rick’s Cabaret. This is a sophisticated joint for those more interested in Frank Sinatra than listening to Lil Wayne. Enjoy the view while smoking a cigar and enjoying a scotch.
  2. The Men’s Club – located in Koreatown, this topless strip club will fill you with food and booze all night long. If Hugh Hefner happens to enter into the strip club business, he would definitely be running this joint. It’s that kind of a club. They have a fantastic wine selection, a cigar room, and they even have their own swimming pool. This isn’t the kind of club to go to if you plan to make it rain. You should go here to enjoy a nice glass of red wine and gorgeous topless females.
  3. Spearmint Rhino – another excellent club located right on Harry Hines Boulevard, they have great food, all the booze you can ever imagine, and this is a completely topless strip club. This is the kind of club to go to if you’re looking to enjoy the atmosphere and also watch sports. They have Beer Bucket Mondays, and if you haven’t been able to figure it out, this is a casual club for the everyday man.
  4. Baby Dolls Salon – this club is also located in Dallas on Harry Hines Boulevard. It is a topless gentlemen’s club that also serves alcohol and food. The name should make it plenty obvious what you’re going to see while you are here. There are many gorgeous baby dolls strutting their stuff. This club is all about glitz and glamour. It isn’t a hole in the wall with a seedy reputation.
  5. Silver City Cabaret – located in Stemmons Corridor, this topless club in the heart of the business district serves food and alcohol. As a matter of fact, it happens to be one of the biggest strip clubs in Texas. They have four stages filled with topless dancers so you’re always going to see beautiful women no matter where you happen to sit.
  6. The Clubhouse – this fully nude strip club is located on Harry Hines Boulevard. They do not sell alcohol but you can bring your own beer. This club was cofounded by Vinnie Paul Abbott of Pantera fame.
  7. PT’s Men’s Club – this club is located in East Dallas. It is fully nude and they serve alcohol and food. It’s a little hard to get to because it’s located in the middle of nowhere near Garland, but it’s definitely an excellent club that you’re going to love.

Visit any of these great strip clubs the next time you’re hanging out in Dallas looking for something to do to pass the time. Whatever you do, never, ever hire any of the girls from Craigslist. Go to a professional club instead or you’ll put yourself at risk of getting into serious legal trouble. The other thing you can do is just use fuckbook or another hookup dating site to just meet someone for sex. Then you don’t have to pay for it either.