Fort Worth Escorts And Why I Opt For Dating Sites Instead


If you are travelling to any of the big urban cities of Texas, like Fort Worth, you may want to have some fun. You may end up wanting to hire an escort to help you get through a lonely night in olde town. But before you think of hiring any Fort Worth escort parading the Backpage ads then you need to know a few things. I’m only giving you this advice because I’ve spent time in the local Fort Worth area and I’ve used enough classified ads to know what to look out for. Here are some important things to know before you go trying to hook up with some Backpage Texas mutt. I gave the call girls in Houston a try. So I figured why not Fort Worth!

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Everything You Need To Know About Fort Worth Escorts

I’ll get started by sharing some insight on the independent side of things. Actually, let me step back for a second. I’ll start by letting it be known that I do not hire any For Worth escorts or sex workers at all anymore. I no longer need to do that, but I’ll cover that later on. Back to the indy girls. Yes, I’m talking about those independent call girls trying to run their own game in the town. Many of the escorts in the Fort Worth area have chosen to go independent. Reason being, the wild west aka the Internet allows these sluts to easily promote themselves without any help. But the problem with independent escort services is that most girls that roll solo do so because they’ve been rejected by agencies for one reason or another. You’re probably thinking to yourself, but Doug, why do would that happen?

Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s because a lot of the indy girls are straight up drug addicts. They don’t care about their bodies or worst case, they are ridden with a number of contagious diseases. Would you be willing to get intimate with a girl who is the carrier of some life-threatening disease? I think not! Agencies don’t want their entire business to crumble because one drug addict hooker doesn’t care about her health. Instead, these girls roll solo and shoot the dice with things themselves.

Now let’s talk about escort agencies in Fort Worth. On the other hand, thanks to the internet and the rising escort business, top notch girls usually end up with an escort agency. There are plenty of agencies within the Fort Worth, TX area that you can choose from but I don’t suggest you doing that just yet. I don’t hire Backpage girls from Fort Worth or anywhere in Texas for that matter. I use a site called Fuck Book to meet girls that want to fuck for free. They have some of the finest ladies on the site that you can connect with, use for sex and never contact them again. You’ll probably even find some lonely milf looking for sex on there too. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

However, if you’re all about the escorts, then the agencies are a good route to take. If you decide to hire an escort do so through an agency, not some shady Backpage listing. Most agencies require that every girl go through some sort of quality background check. This check is what determines if they are fit to be working escorts. This is something that is not applicable amongst any independent escort listings such as those shown on

The good thing about using an agency is that most of the services are standardized. They have standards to maintain which is why clients love using agencies. Instead of spinning your wheels trying to get in touch with an independent escort (who may refuse to service you anyway) you can contact an agency and they will do the connection work for you.

The escort agencies that I know of in Fort Worth typically conduct a thorough background check to confirm that the girls aren’t addicted to drugs, don’t have criminal charges and are attractive. Some agencies also use the information you provide them to choose the best girl for your needs. I personally wouldn’t suggest using services from any independent or agency at all. Instead, I strongly suggest that you join a sex network. Ever since I joined this sex site, it’s opened doors that I thought never existed. I actually connected with a ton of local girls going to college in the Fort Worth area. The girls were hot as fuck and some of them fuck like pros. Did I mention that every girl on the casual dating site I used in Fort Worth was willing to have sex with me for free. Yep, you don’t have to pay for sex if you join these sites. That’s the beauty of them. Most people have no idea that this is the case but it’s true. I’d rather join an exclusive sex network and fuck local girls versus try and meet a girl on Backpage and pay her for sex. Fuck that shit!

If you stubbornly decide to use an independent escort or an agency I strongly advise that you check these things out first:

  • Make sure she’s of legal age (don’t have to worry about that when using an agency)
  • Read reviews of customers (every escort has something special up her sleeves. An agency usually provides that info but an independent escort may carry reviews with her to help you out with the decision)
  • You should get to decide how to pay
  • Be patient and nice to escorts (most women will treat you with respect especially if acquired from an agency. Give them the respect they deserve in return )

All that said, stop dicking around and just join a dating site if you live in the Fort Worth, Texas area. There are over 800,000 people living in Fort Worth today. Of those 800,000 people, there are likely 10% at a minimum using hook up sites to meet people. That’s more sex than you can even handle. The chances of your meeting someone is pretty fucking good! That said, there is no reason to be on the hunt for any backpage Fort Worth escorts unless you want to put yourself at risk of many things. If you want to pay for a girl just for the thrill of it, drive down the road and head to The Lodge in Dallas. It’s a stripclub you can throw some money around in.