What You’ll Learn When Dating Online


Online Dating is one of those activities that no longer causes accusations about individuals. No longer are the silly thoughts of weirdos spending all their time logged on some dating site. Instead, the weirdos are those that have decided to not partake in the fun fuck-filled activities! There are a few other things that we’ve recently learned with all of this online dating too. That is, other than the fact that we love to have flings with random people we meet online.

Things We Learned Dating Online

Things We Learned Dating Online

Photos and Looks Are Deceiving AF

We all love browsing through those crazy profile photos. Sure you’ve come across some smoking hot girls that you want to fuck. We all have. The thing is, some of these photos are deceiving as fuck! Now, the other side to that coin is that some people just don’t photograph well at all. They try like hell to put themselves in an incredible photo to peak your interest and it just doesn’t cut it. However, you give it a shot and find out how damn hot they really are. The point is this, photos and looks can be deceiving for sure!

Liars Do Exist Out There

I’m going to be brutally honest and share something with you, you’ve dated a liar or two. Yes, I’m being dead serious. There are liars all over this world and most lie about insanely stupid stuff. No, she doesn’t have a puppy or a vacation home in Hawaii. She’s never done this before either. Point is, recognize that not everyone is honest and don’t let that stop you from getting laid.

You’re Not Getting Explanations You Want

If you’re expecting to get some super clear and forthcoming explanation, you should probably start thinking again because there’s a good chance you’re definitely not getting that! Explanations shouldn’t be expected and if you get one then just accept it and move on with your life. There are plenty of people to meet online to have sex with. Click here and I’ll show you how to meet them.

Rejection Is Inevitable

If you’re dating someone you meet online, you’re going to have to be able to take rejection. It’s just comes with the territory. Yes, you can increase your chances of not getting rejected, but that’s not going to be 100% possible to avoid.

You’re Going To See Tits, Ass, and More

If you’re not ready to be exposed to then you shouldn’t be dating online. I’ve seen more ass than a toilet seat and most of it is all of people, I’ve actually met on the Fuckbook network and had sex with once or twice. Be prepared to see it all.

That about sums up the things that we’ve learned from dating online over the last couple of years and what you can expect to learn should you just be getting started. It should come as no surprise that we are only going to continue to learn and load up on booty calls for the years to come!