Sex Slang Terms You Need To Be Familiar With


We’ve all done it before. I’m talking about spending hours coming up with creative sex slang terms. These creative terms make talking about sex more fun and they can often lead to having sex if you use them in the proper manner. Since the 1980’s people have been creating slang terms for having sex or aka fucking. I’m here to share a little history lesson with you. You need to know what’s hip and which terms are used today, especially if you’re trying to chat with a girl on a fuckbook website. You can’t date online and not be up to snuff with the sex lingo. Read this to get your head on straight before you go chatting online with that fuck slut down the road.

Sex slang terms

The History Of Sex Slang Terms

I tried to keep these in chronological order but didn’t do a very good job. Nevertheless, read up and find out all about these slang bang terms.

Knocking The Boots
This slang term goes back to the early 1980s when all those cowboy movies were popular. You know, the really shitty movies that were only good during the sex scenes. Well, the guys and gals both wore coyboy boots and when they fucked, those boots were knocking! That’s how this term came about!

Let’s “Bone”
The term “bone” is pretty self explanatory. Actually, if you need me to explain this one, then you should probably give up on dating in generally. You guessed it! It’s all about putting the “D” aka bone in the “P” and that’s a wrap.

Humpty Hump
A famous rap group named Digital Underground made this term uber popular. The rapper, Shock G was like a super hero in the bedroom and like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Shock G had Humpty Hump. He would fuck tons of bitches and well, the rest is pretty easy to figure out.

Bumping Uglies
The rap group called House of Pain is responisble for crafting this term. The slang sex term spawned sometime in the 90s. It was actually something that they would rap about quite often. If you weren’t bumping uglies or bumping nasties back in the day then you were a total square.

Getting Jiggy With It
We’ve got another slang term from the 90s that might be the most popular of them all. Will Smith sang a song which was originally referring to just dancing up a storm. However, it’s easy to see how closely it can be related to hooking up. ALl I’m saying is that I’ve never referred to “getting jiggy with it” when dancing.

Get Your Freak On
Missy Elliot was probably the most famous female rapper in the 1990s. She has a song where the corus is nothing but her singing, “get your freak on.” It’s pretty easy to understand what she means by “freak” and if you’re even a little smart you’ll understand she means get your fuck on! Something you should be trying to do with some naughty local girl.

That’s the smash bang mixer that makes you want to go find someone to fuck right now! Sure it sounds a little different but it’s a term that’s definitely popular. Let’s just say it’s popular enough to be listed in Urban Dictionary. Once that happens, the creator has made it. In this particular case, it was some folks from SNL that coined this term.

This is a sex slang classic! You remember the smush room form the Jersey Shore show right? Who could forget all the Jersey sluts that spent nights in the smush room. This was perhaps the best part of the entire show and people to this day still talk about “smashing.” I can’t blame them. I love to smash hot girls.

Netflix and Chill
Okay, so this term is used invite someone over to watch a move. The kicker here is that a “Netflix and chill” night basically means watching part of a movie and banging someone. It was once innocent and now it’s just all about the sex. Can’t say that I’m mad either!

Well, those are the sex slang terms that you need to know about. Feel free to use them during your video chats or sexting with girls you meet online. Heck, if you’re in deep enough and you’re with a girl, feel free to ask if she’s down for any of those above. If you rather be more forward, just let her know you want to fuck her.